Golf Q&A with Meredith Kirk, Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador & LPGA Teaching Professional

I frequently get questions sent to me via e-mail and social media accounts about golf instruction, golf course information, and practically all things Myrtle Beach related. I’m excited to be able to have a ‘Q & A’ available so more questions can be answered that may help you on your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation!

Johnny from Boston asks:

Q: How do I position the ball for all my clubs, I find this confusing?

A. Finding the right ball position can be a little tricky because ball position can change from shot to shot and finding consistency during the set-up at address can be the greatest challenge. What I do is keep ball position set-up simple during the pre-shot routine…and I do this every single swing.
First off, I always have students put their feet together with the ball dead center to start. Your sternum will be directly over the ball. If they are hitting a driver, they will step 1-2 inches forward with their lead foot, and then set their trial (rear) foot into their full stance position. I like the driver ball position 1-2 inches inside the lead foot.

If it’s a wedge, I want the ball center of stance … then simply step equal directions with each foot so the ball remains in the dead center of the stance. With a successful swing in this position, the club will bottom out just after the ball and you’ll take a little divot. Typically, for most players, center set up works well for 7-PW. When you move to the longer irons and hybrids, focus more on a widen stance stepping into the widen stance with the trial foot. Your sternum will now slightly be behind the ball, but because the club is longer it will still bottom out just after the ball.

In general, this is a great way to always have good ball position as part of your pre-shot routine.

Rick from Michigan asks:

Q: I’m bringing my family to Myrtle Beach for vacation and they are wanting to enjoy some outdoor activities involving nature. Any suggestions?

A: Well, I always recommend taking the family out on the links! Golf is a great way to spend time together as a family and enjoy nature at the same time. But if you are looking for nature activities outside golf, I would suggest Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington State Park. Huntington Beach State Park is on the coast on the south end of Myrtle Beach. Its Atlantic beach and wetlands are inhabited by sea turtles, alligators and rich birdlife. The Sandpiper Pond Nature Trail has a viewing deck on a pond that attracts egrets and herons. The Kerrigan Nature Trail includes a boardwalk over a lagoon. It’s a great place to walk, snap pictures, or dig your toes in the sand and enjoy the beautiful beachscape.

Brookgreen Gardens has over nine-thousand lush acres of South Carolina history and Lowcountry, and the landscapes you will find the most significant collection of outdoor figurative sculpture by American artists in the world. Visitors can see animals in scenic enclosures that respect the animals and the surrounding environment at the Lowcountry Zoo and Native Animal Habitat. The little ones will love the Butterfly House and the Peace Garden Room for Children along with the fountains, reflecting pools, and hidden pathways. Although Myrtle Beach is the Golf Capital of the World, I love the fact that Myrtle Beach also has some amazing lowcountry nature attractions. You definitely want to visit these two places during your stay!