Five Simple Myrtle Beach Golf Holes

The slump buster comes in many forms on the course.

Maybe it’s a forgiving green or a wide fairway or direct line of sight. Regardless, sometimes we just need something easy to remind us that it’s not always so hard.

Amid some tracks that few would consider to be difficult are a handful of holes that go beyond the “forgiving” label. They provide some relief and let us feel like we have some clue as to what we’re doing.

Might as well live out the lie.

ABERDEEN COUNTRY CLUB, MEADOWS, NO. 1Aberdeen Meadows 1st Hole
When it comes to openers to get your juices flowing, look no further than the one at Aberdeen. At a mere 306 yards and playing on a straight line from tee box to flagstick, this Par-4 was Tom Jackson’s give to his take (he followed it up with a 494-yarder with a well-protected green). On No. 1, though, the trouble is almost non-existent as long as you can avoid a bunker short right. (pictured right)

Put together a list of the most visually memorable holes in the entire area, and “The Ruins” along the backdrop of the green on Love’s No. 4 probably makes anyone’s cut. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult. Measuring just 265 yards from the whites, a 3- or 5-wood is an easy play to leave you within striking distance. Those false building remains also provide a nice frame for your approach. (top photo)

A third of the way into any round, and feel for how you’re going to hit them that day should be in hand. That’s exactly where you are when you get to one of the easiest holes on one of the easiest track along the North Strand. Beachwood’s 324-yard Par 4 offers next to no resistance between Point A and Point B. As long as you don’t try to drive the green and keep it on the wide fairway, you still have a straight shot into the green.

MYRTLEWOOD GOLF CLUB, PALMETTO NO. 10Myrtlewood Palmetto 10th Hole
On double-tee days, about half the crowd is going to have a better-than-normal shot at starting with a birdie. The 503-yard Par 5 has a massive fairway that allows players to absolutely swing out of their shoes without a whole lot of danger. The one bunker in the middle of the fairway is mostly inconsequential, meaning a halfway decent second shot leaves most with a chip shot to reach the green in three. (pictured right)

The funkiness of putting the dogleg so far up in the hole on the 485-yard Par 5 is that it also reduces your chances for a huge mistake. Very few players hit the driver off the tee, instead choosing placement into the opening of the curve. Then, it’s a fairway wood – again, low risk – and a mid-to-short iron into a wide green. No birdies won’t be flying off the shelves, but neither will double bogeys.

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