Five Questions You Need to Answer Before Booking a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

As you prepare to pull the trigger on a golf package, here are five questions every group leader should answer to help maximize the good times of their next Myrtle Beach golf trip.

What kind of golfers will be on your trip?
This might sound like a stupid question but hang with me. The golf course lineup you book should be dictated in part based on the type of players you are bringing. If you have 12 guys and you are all pretty good, all 90 Myrtle Beach golf courses are a possibility. Conversely, if you have a group of 16, half of whom do well to break a 100 on the local muni, a round at the Dunes Club doesn’t make a lot of sense. Understand the overall level of play for your group and share that info with the provider you are working with, because it will impact your course lineup.TPC Myrtle Beach

What kind of budget are you operating with?
Be up front about this. People are reluctant to share a budget number for fear of it hurting their ability to get the best possible deal. Disabuse yourself of that notion when it comes to booking a Myrtle Beach golf trip. If you have a budget of $425 for an April golf trip, you are wasting everyone’s time requesting a quote that includes Caledonia. Know what your budget number is and share it with your provider, who will work off that figure to maximize value. He or she wants to earn your business.

Does driving matter?
Some groups will drive from one end of the Grand Strand in Pawleys Island all the way to Rivers Edge in Shallotte, N.C., while others like to minimize time spent in the car. Know what your preferences are and convey them. If you’d prefer not to drive, you don’t want to be surprised with a 20-mile trip. It’s an easily avoidable inconvenience, if you let people know.

How important is nightlife to your group?The Avenue at Broadway at the Beach
For some, a golf trip is all about what happens on the course. For others, it’s about golf and a good time after the sun goes down. Understand what’s important to your group because it may impact where you stay and play. If your guys like to go out, staying in the heart of Myrtle Beach becomes that much more appealing, as do courses like Wild Wing Avocet and Myrtlewood’s Palmetto Course,(top photo) both of which single tee throughout the day, allowing for 10 a.m. tee times.

What kind of golf courses do you want to play?
Are you an architecture nerd? Do you want to experience the area’s coastal beauty? Do you love Arnold Palmer courses? Whatever your preferences, think about them in advance, and you can build a trip around what you want.

With 90+ golf courses, a package provider can put together an itinerary that addresses the answers to all your questions and guarantees a good time. But you have to let them know what’s important.