Fifteen Quick Tips for Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

We all want a few days to hit the links, grab some great food and maybe even take a dip in the Atlantic.

But executing the dream scenario is about so much more than just showing up. It takes preparation, and it requires an ability to call audibles.

After all, rain happens, and restaurants fill up.

We’re going to do some of the heavy lifting for you with 15 tips you won’t want to ignore. Some of them are surprisingly simple; others are more about the big picture. Either way, heed the warnings and digest the advice.

It could be the make-or-break for your Myrtle Beach golf trek.World Tour Golf Links

1. Plan Ahead – We’ve gone over this in-depth time and time again. It’s important. Once you have your dates, lock in the courses and hotel. Then go to work on a wish list for food. Trust us, it matters more than you could know.

2. Diversify Your Taste Buds – The best part of a vacation is doing something you can’t normally. When it comes to dining choices, mix it up. Four straight days of seafood will remove some of the luster.

3. Consider All Food Options – Does a member of your group not eat meat? Need gluten-free? Allergic to shellfish? Don’t alienate someone in your party.

4. Study The Map – Whether you’re planning on using ride shares or driving yourself, you’re going to want to know where things are around your lodging. A convenience store is a must, and a grocery store isn’t a bad idea either.

5. Load Up On Toiletries – Toothpaste and deodorant are two of the most forgotten travel items. Folks also often don’t see how much of either is left. Last thing you want is to produce a foul stench in close quarters.

6. Bring Extra Golf Balls – Unfamiliar courses equals uncomfortable shots. Consider this a donation to the golfing gods.

7. Ditto, With Tees – Most of us buy these in bulk and have no clue when we’re starting to run low. Go through the bag and make sure you have 10-12 for every round.

8. Bring A Swimsuit – We hear this one a lot. One person in the group doesn’t want to go to the beach, and definitely doesn’t want to get in the water. Then, the peer pressure gets to him/her and they’re left hitting up the beach wear store for a last-minute bathing suit. Just bring yours from back home.

9. Sun Block, Sun Block, Sun Block – Two things derail a golf trip unlike any other. The first one is a nasty sunburn. Don’t risk it, regardless of what part of the calendar you’re coming. The other?

10. Drink Moderately – When you’re shaking off the previous night’s cobwebs for the first half of a round or worried you’re going to lose your lunch, you’ve just missed out. Know your limits and don’t cross that line.

11. Ask Questions – Every bag drop employee is a local. And they mostly love to share their knowledge. Take advantage of it.

12. Tip. Then Tip Some More – Budget this into your trip. It’s the right thing to do. Plus, you know, karma.

13. Peanut Butter Crackers – Or goldfish. Or protein bars. Or bananas. Whatever. Snacks are the difference between fading out between meals or keeping your energy levels up. Chances are, your body isn’t use to 18+ holes on back-to-back-to-back days.

14. Electrolytes – Same deal. Replace your sodium losses.

15. Breathe – Some folks don’t travel well. Or maybe you struggle away from your own bed. That’s normal. But you still need to soak in the entire trip. Appreciate the opportunity and let yourself enjoy it.

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