Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts For Your Favorite Golfer

The holiday season is equally rewarding and stressful.

We all love loading up our loved ones with gifts, but shopping for someone year after year isn’t always easy. Thankfully, golf gives us ideas galore.

The simple fact of the matter is that equipment wears out, golf balls end up in the pond and keeping up with the newest rage sometimes gets left behind. This is where you come in – able to improve your favorite golfer’s game – often with only a matter of minutes.

Depending on what you’re needing or wanting to spend, there are a whole bunch of ways in which you can turn into someone’s golfing guardian angel.

A coupon for a round of golf fits nicely, yes. But it’s not exactly the most budget-friendly item when we’re usually talking about utilizing the dollar bins at your normal retail giant. This is where pro shop or your local golf store turn into a shopper’s best friend.

These are a few of the things that fit the more appropriate bill.

*Sleeve of balls

*Course guides



Any of the above will add a nice touch for their stocking.

Want to go a little more all out? We’ve got you covered there, too.

We all know how much clubs are a personalized deal. We want to try them out and see what feels right. That said, maybe you picked up on those hints throughout the year and already have a comfortable idea of what would add an uptick to the bag.

Has she been complaining about her ragged putter? Does his driver not have the right pop anymore? You can pick up nice clubs in singular form; just ask about exchanges in case it’s not 100-percent perfect. Trust us, you won’t offend anyone involved in this equation.

Or maybe your favorite golfer’s shoes have been worn a few too many times and he or she needs and upgrade. As long as you know the size, you can almost always find a super-comfortable pair that will earn you a huge hug.

Not quite right?

Try any of these:

*Head covers

*Golf bag with the logo of his or her favorite team

*Range finders

*Portable blue tooth speaker

It’s common knowledge that cost and ego are the two biggest hangups preventing golfers from pulling the trigger on lessons. As much as getting better with the clubs is a necessary part of the game, asking for help or the willingness to pay for it isn’t easy.

This is where you can take the reins.

Shop around your local courses and talk to pros in order to find the right fit in terms of cost, personality and location.

If your golfer’s game is sound, we have another recommendation.

One of the most overlooked parts for golfers is a keepsake from the courses they’ve played. This here is an easy fix for the forgetful player you’re shopping for. Over the course of a couple hours, you can take a bunch of the courses your recipient has played, visit the pro shop and pick up a logo ball from each. Then, search online for a ball display case. Decent ones can be found for as little as $15-25, with the cases meant to hold upwards or

When he or she opens up a reminder of all those rounds, you’ll know immediately that you hit the target. It combines thought and effort.

And it will make this a fantastic holiday for your golfer

(Photos from World Tour Golf Links)