5 Golf Related Gift Items To Make Your Christmas Even Merrier

Christmas is coming and even the most selfless among us enjoy getting a nice golf-related gift or two. Whether you are buying for yourself, someone else, or gently making suggestions as to what your significant other may want to get you, here are five golf-related gifts that will make the holiday season even better.

(For the record, I’m assuming you are already aware of the benefits of clubs and balls, so this list goes in a different direction.)

● If you want to go out of the box, get the golfer in your life a club-fitting session, allowing him or her to learn a little about their swing, their clubs and how they work together. For anyone looking for new clubs, a fitting is a must but either way, it’s an informative process. The cost is typically $100 but that usually comes off the price of any equipment you buy. Being fitted by Dale Ketola at the Grande Dunes Golf Performance Center is ideal, but if you can’t wait until you come to Myrtle Beach, find someone locally to do the job.

● There is no golf experience like a buddies trip, so why not provide the ultimate gift this Christmas? Take the plunge on a Myrtle Beach golf trip and invite your friends. Is there a better gift to find under the tree than the Founders Group All-Inclusive package, which offers your choice of 21 golf courses, lunch, two draft beers and range balls? Do it!

● If you have a healthy appreciation for golf’s rich history (and you love a good coffee table book), let me recommend the “History of Golf Book” from the New York Times. The leatherbound cover can be personalized and it procures coverage from the game’s most significant events over the last 100+ years. It’s $72 but worth every penny for the right golfer.

● You’ve seen your favorite quarterback stick his hands in a heated pouch and now you can do the same on the golf course. The G-Tech Heated Pouch isn’t cheap at $140, but its patented hand-warming technology improves blood flow and helps raise your core temperature. With rechargeable lithium batteries that last up to 12 hours, the G-Tech is perfect for use on or off the course.

● If you are looking for something much simpler that may benefit your game, check out the Clubpur cleaning kit, which is just $29. Did you know spin rate is reduced by nearly 50 percent when grooves are filled with debris and that dirty grooves can alter your distance by 10 yards? Clubpur is a club and equipment cleaner that will allow you to produce your best golf. This isn’t sexy, but it is useful.

(Tradition Golf Club hole #12th hole top photo)