A Day at Man O’War: 3 Islands and a Lot of Water

If Man O’War Golf Club is on your next Myrtle Beach itinerary, you need to prepare for one thing – water, and a lot of it. The trio of Mystical golf courses, which also include The Witch and The Wizard, offer distinct experiences and a day at Man O’War is defined by the 107-acre lake the course was built around.

Water comes into play on all 18 holes at Man O’War and there is no rough on the course. Every blade of grass is maintained and trees are scarce, meaning golfers aren’t playing off pine straw.

Despite being omnipresent, the water isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. The challenge is often mental because even average shots will avoid a watery grave, provided you don’t crack under the strain.

Here is a look at the Man O’War’s three most talked about holes:

No. 9, par 4, 408 yards (all distances from “Regular Tees”) – No. 9 (top photo) is the course’s most unique challenge as it is an island hole. The fairway and green are surrounded by water but on the plus side, there is no real forced carry (assuming you can hit your drive 50 yards and clear the water in front directly in front of the tees). There is 85 yards of dry land in the primary landing area, making a fairway bunker on the left a greater threat to your hopes of making par. The ninth is a cool hole and only the worst of shots will get wet.

No. 14, par 4, 354 yards – The first of back-to-back island greens (yes, Man O’War is the only course in America that holds that distinction), No. 14 (pictured right) isn’t difficult. A 225-yard tee shot will leave players with a short iron in hand as they attempt to hit a green that is more than 40 yards wide and enjoys the benefit of being surrounded by grass and fronted by a bunker.

No. 15, par 3, 126 yards – In continuing with our theme that water doesn’t automatically mean difficult, this island green is Man O’War’s easiest hole, according to the scorecard. Sure there is water to carry but golfers have dry land that runs 65 yards deep and 48 yards wide. If you can’t hit that with a wedge in hand, you deserve to lose a ball. (pictured below)Man o war 15th hole

The three island holes are Man O’War in a nutshell. They offer beauty and playability, despite the danger the water poses.

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