5 Ways Guaranteed to Amp Up the Excitement Before Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip Starts

The good times of a golf trip aren’t strictly confined to your time in Myrtle Beach. Here are five things you can do to start building excitement and in some instances, enhance the trip when you are onsite.

– Group leaders handle format of play and pairings in different ways, but here is an idea guaranteed to keep things fresh: appoint two captains and have them draft teams as part of a Ryder Cup style event. Optimally, the team draft will be held a month in advance, allowing battle lines to be drawn. Approximately a week out, have the captains unveil their daily pairings and order of play, determining matchups. Best of all, you can “televise” the draft and/or pairings reveal via Zoom and enjoy a virtual happy hour.

– Insist that everyone get a handicap (the GHIN app is great) and record all their scores. If you want to take things a step further, send out periodic handicap updates, allowing everyone to see who is in good form and who is padding their index. You want things to be fair, and an accurate handicap is the best way to do so.

– If you are the group leader, pay the $40 to become a Golf Game Book gold member (No, we don’t receive kickbacks from Game Book – this recommendation is based on personal experience). Have everyone download the app and become familiar with it before arriving in Myrtle Beach. Game Book will allow you to enjoy live scoring during your trip, which is great for a Ryder Cup, stroke play, skins or nearly any other format.

– Plan at least one group dinner in advance. I know it’s like herding cats, especially if you have a large group, but it’s worthwhile. If reservations are hard to come by, consider a private dinner at a place like Pine Lakes or Litchfield Country Club. The group can order off a prix fixe menu, with choices ranging from prime rib to salmon, you will have a private bar and the place to yourself. It’s an experience that is additive to the trip.

– This isn’t exactly a novel concept but create awards, beyond a cash payout for the winning team. Everything doesn’t have to be about who played the best golf, bring intangibles into the decision-making process. In short, create awards meant to emphasize the fun you are having.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.