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Episode #29: Updates on Spring Golf in Myrtle Beach 01/28/2021

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Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador Meredith Kirk is joined by Myrtle Beach Golf Trips Director of Marketing and Sales Justin Binke. Find out the latest updates on spring golf vacations in Myrtle Beach.

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Show Notes (Time Stamped For Quick Reference)

Start to 1:01              Introduction

1:03                            Status of booking spring 2021 and how to find the most recent information

2:50                           Park & Play Program Benefits

3:46                            Worry-Free Cancellation Information

5:27                            Growth of the game of golf over the past year

7:13                             Here are the most popular/trending packages for spring 2021

8:04                            Details on the “All-Inclusive” Package

10:18                           Favorite Myrtle Beach Golf Course

12:03                           How to get a free quick quote or contact a resident golf director



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