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Episode #43: Underrated Myrtle Beach Golf Courses 03/11/2022

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Meredith reviews golf writer Chris King’s list of underrated Central Myrtle Beach designs featured on and shares the courses she thinks are underrated

Show Notes/Time Stamp

To :40 IntroductionMeredith Kirk, LPGA Instructor

:41        The “underrated” courses speak to the quality of the Myrtle Beach market as a whole

1:55      Low Profile, Big Deliverables: Myrtle Beach’s 3 Most Underrated Golf Courses

3:02     The “New” PineHills & Palmetto Courses at Myrtlewood Golf Club

5:32     The Larry Nelson-Jeff Brauer design on HWY 501

8:20     Double teeing and where you can get a 10:30 tee time in Myrtle Beach

9:15     Gary Player’s only Myrtle Beach Design

13:11    Two Lowcountry Gems you could play everyday and not get tired of

14:00   How is this one on the list?

15:43    Courses along the Waccamaw Golf Trail

16:38    This Pete and P.B. Dye Design ranked top 5 in Myrtle Beach (View Rankings)

18:38    The “Nasty” Bunker — (Here are The Five Nastiest Bunkers in Myrtle Beach)

20:47    Myrtle Beach Golf Courses reinvesting in capital improvements

23:05    Best way to view tee times and book a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip



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