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Episode #40: Swing Thoughts With Meredith: 3 Common Swing Flaws 10/25/2021

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LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk discusses three most common swing flaws that she sees with the recreational golfer. Improve in these three areas and you will definitely see lower scores

Show Notes/Time Stamp

to :44    Intro

:45         Tempo, Tempo, Tempo

1:35       How do you fix your swing if it’s too fast?

3:25       Grip Pressure, Tension in the grip

5:00       Personalities relating to how we play golf

6:28       Squaring Up, Aim & Alignment

9:57       Getting help with #3 and golf instruction

11:59     Summary of flaws

13:33     Which flaw do you work on first?

15:22     Meredith’s lessons are on Myrtle Beach Golf (Video Gallery)

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