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Episode #34: Inside Look at Topgolf Myrtle Beach With Director of Instruction Billy Belair 05/20/2021

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Meredith is joined by Topgolf Myrtle Beach’s director of instruction Billy Belair, who takes you inside one of the area’s hottest attractions (it’s a fun environment!) and tells you what it’s like to get a lesson at Topgolf. Yes, they offer golf instruction!

Show Notes/Time Stamp

to :30

:31         Billy talks about working at Topgolf Myrtle Beach and his job responsibilities

1:24       When is it time to take a student to the golf course?Meredith and Billy Interior page

2:00       The popularity of Topgolf Myrtle Beach

2:30       The status of the game of golf, is it growing?

3:47       What is the Topgolf experience like and what can people expect?

5:53       Someone is afraid of heights

6:41       Golf club options at Topgolf, can I bring my own and the Platinum membership

8:07       The instruction available at Topgolf, the process of getting a lesson and teaching philosophy

9:19       The league Billy has created for studentsTopgolf Myrtle Beach

9:55       Rates and specials at Topgolf (half-off Tuesdays)

10:24     Types of lessons available including food and beverage packages

11:46     How has Topgolf helped Billy’s game and can it help the average golfer?

13:36     “Dialing it in” and knowing your yardages

14:58     Billy’s favorite game to play at Topgolf and knocking the professional off the leaderboard

15:33     The hours of being Director of Instruction and big events

16:34     Celebrity sightingsTopgolf Myrtle Beach

18:04     The “S” word and grinding and getting better as an instructor

19:08     The summer academy for junior golfers

19:49     Why it’s fun to walk around Topgolf

20:16     Jelly and chocolate filled doughnuts, make sure to take the top off!

20:46     The food at Topgolf, heathy options available and the beer

21:23     The bar areas and watching sports at Topgolf

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