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Episode #41: Get a Grip! Having Realistic Expectations of Your Golf Game 11/08/2021

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Are your expectations for your golf game too high? LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk talks about establishing realistic expectations, how to improve your game and have more fun.

To :41    Introduction

:42         What are unrealistic expectations?

1:38       Do “naturals” exist?

2:50       Expecting quick results

5:22       Quick fixes that might not be fixes

7:24       How to establish realistic expectations with your game

8:15       Routines, good practice and goals

13:37     How to begin a practice session

14:58     Grading your shots & getting rid of the bad ones

20:12     Honest appraisal of your swing, egos and playing the correct tees

25:50     Frequency of practice

27:50     Importance of having someone look at your swing (a golf instructor!)

29:36     Easy ways to work on your swing at home, slow motion repetition

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