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Episode #27: Ed Piotrowski: Myrtle Beach's Most Trusted Meteorologist 12/14/2020

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If you live along the Grand Strand you know him as the area’s most trusted meteorologist, if you don’t live in the area, but are visiting especially for a golf vacation, you definitely need to connect with WPDE’s Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski. Ed has spent his entire broadcasting career in the Carolinas. Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador and LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk sat down with the 30 year weather professional. 

To get the the latest and most accurate Myrtle Beach Forecast Click HereEd Piotrowski

(Follow Ed’s social accounts below as he is very active posting the latest weather conditions and forecasts)

Ed Piotrowski Facebook Page

Twitter @EdPiotrowski

Show Notes (Time stamped for quick reference)

Start to 1:51           Intro

2:11                          BobbleHead Surprise-Make a Wish Fund Raiser with Myrtle Beach Pelicans 

4:28                         What made Ed get into meteorology, favorite things about covering weather

6:23                          Ed’s greatest learning experience as a meteorologistEd Piotrowski

7:03                          Thoughts on the Farmer’s Almanac

8:08                          Ever ridden out a bad hurricane? 

8:48                           How hurricane coverage changed over the years, impact of social media

11:36                          Chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma

12:40                          Most dangerous weather situation encountered

14:06                          Playing golf in the Golf Capital of the World

14:50                          Ed’s ideal foursome

15:49                           Part of Ed’s game that needs helpEd Piotrowski BobbleHead

17:23                           The ideal golf forecast

18:00                          When should golfers look at the forecast? Why apps aren’t the most reliable source 

20:09                          Participation in the polar plunge

20:49                          Difference between humidity and dew point 

23:13                           Why don’t I hit the ball as far in Myrtle Beach as I do at home?

24:25                           Does Ed follow the weather when he’s on vacation?

25:45                           An example of how much Ed loves his job

27:00                           What does the future hold for weather forecasting?

28:24                           Ed’s favorite Myrtle Beach golf courses












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