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Episode #33: Architect Craig Schreiner Takes You Inside the Renovation of Pine Lakes Country Club 05/12/2021

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LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk and golf writer Chris King is joined by golf course architect Craig Schreiner who is overseeing the renovations at Pine Lakes Country Club. Exciting changes include restoring the greens to their original size with Sunday Bermudagrass, renovating every bunker on the course with an eye on improving drainage, playability and returning Pine Lakes to a more natural look. Craig also shares what it’s like to publicly debate with Pete Dye, renovate greens designed by Jack Nicklaus, and how to never miss a 3-foot putt on greens he designed

Show Notes/Time Stamp

to :46    Introduction

:47         Overview of the renovations at Pine Lakes Country Club. Restoring not changing the course

2:16       Research into Robert White’s original plans & drawings

3:44       Type of grass being used for the greens and remaking the bunkers to modern standards

4:56       What can golfers expect when they play Pine Lakes after the renovations? Green Speed

6:26       What does it mean that 90% of the greens will be “pinnable”?

6:44       Craig’s work at Oak Hill for the Ryder Cup

7:41       Original drawing of the 18th green and how it shrunk (photo right)

7:54       How long will the renovations take and when can golfers expect to play Pine Lakes?

9:04       How will the changes affect the golf course? How the bunkers will look & two new tees

10:33     Why Pine Lakes Country Club is a par 70

11:06     Rebuilding the bunkers to modern standards but still an original feel?

13:26     The type of bunker sand that will be used, where it is from and “walk-in” bunkers

14:06     Craig’s conversation(s) with Alice & Pete Dye (Hilarious!)

15:42     How designing golf courses has changed. Craig’s belief on designing “playable” golf courses

15:55     Craig’s argument with Pete Dye

17:08     Number of bunkers that will be at Pine Lakes. How it compares to other Grand Strand Courses.

17:41     Craig’s history as a golf course architect, background. (Starting as a shoe shiner!)

21:32     Craig’s work with Wadsworth Golf Construction and his work at Val Halla

21:57     Working for other golf course architects as an apprentice

22:17     Turning down an offer to work for Jack Nicklaus as a senior designer

23:25     Craig’s passion for his work

23:41     Trying to convince SI to shoot the 50th swimsuit issue at Pine Lakes

24:22     Craig’s brother working for ESPN, Golf Channel and winning Club Championship at Firestone

25:13     A hands on approach

25:44     What are the original holes at Pine Lakes Country Club? Establishing a cohesiveness throughout

26:51     Craig’s excitement to be working on this project. The love of Pine Lakes Country Club

27:21     Restore vs. Renovation, how does an architect decide what to suggest?

31:09     Working with Nick Price at Grande Dunes Members Club

32:20     Craig’s thoughts on considering pace of pace of play in his design work, not penalizing bad shots

34:29     What is it like to argue with Pete Dye?

35:17     Learning that gravity is the one force that no one can resist. How it impacts a golf course

35:49     Adequately placed bunkers vs. a lot of bunkers, strategic architecture

38:10     What does putting gravity mean and the secret to making putts.

39:33     The Donald Ross philosophy “Three greens inside a green” & Craig’s favorite designers

42:04     The secret to scoring on a Craig Schreiner designed golf course

42:49     Watching Tiger Woods with his friends and predicting the outcome

43:53     Building a target green at the Dustin Johnson Golf School

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