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Episode #26: 100 Holes in a Day: Myrtle Beach Patriots Raise Over $140K For Military Families 10/15/2020

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Can you imagine playing 100 holes in a day? A group of Myrtle Beach Patriots did it again this year and raised over $140k for the Folds of Honor Foundation. Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassador Meredith Kirk is joined by Myrtle Beach Patriots member and Pine Lakes Country Club Head Golf Professional Jimmy Biggs. Learn about the passion that this group puts forth to raise money for military families.

Show Notes/Time Stamp

1:24 How the Myrtle Beach Patriots got started

2:42 Who are the recipients of the money raised?

4:49 New creative ways the group has come up with to raise money for Folds of Honor (including a possible bike rally for 2021!)

7:37 Through the years, how it feels playing 100 + holes 

8:48 The scoring process, how money is pledged 

10:42 Approach to playing 100 holes—how much time do you take lining up putts, pace of play, what is your course management. Most importantly, when and what do you eat?

12:33 What are the qualifications to become a member of the Myrtle Beach Patriots?

15:57 The Marriage Proposal

18:22 How to Contribute <Click Here For More Information>

20:31 2021 Goals

20:54 Money raised so far by the Myrtle Beach Patriots

22:17 Coming up with new ways to raise money throughout the year, multiple ways to reach goals

24:00 How to Contribute

24:47 The idea of having a lesson/teaching day in Myrtle Beach to raise money

26:01 Helping military families that have sacrificed













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