With New Greens Tradition Club Primed for Fall Golf

Meredith:            Hey everyone. Thanks for joining me here today at Tradition Golf Club. Joining me is head golf professional, Christa Bodensteiner. Christa, thanks for having us out.

Christa:                Thanks for coming out today, Meredith.

Meredith:            I am so excited to be here because today I went out and I played the course. It is in phenomenal condition, and I know that you guys just got new greens.

Christa:                We did. We are so excited about the course conditions right now and about so much going on at Tradition Club. We actually closed for eight weeks this summer and we put in Sunday Bermudagrass. We are so pleased with the way it grew in. It is just a superior putting surface, and we are so excited about it.

Meredith:            They were rolling great today and the course is just probably in the best condition I’ve ever seen it. Every time I come out here, it’s always in great shape. That’s why I love coming to Tradition Golf Club. Today, I’ll tell you what, it’s something special.

Christa:                It probably didn’t hurt that we were closed for eight weeks. Not a lot of divots in the fairway or anything like that.

Meredith:            Right, yeah.Tradition Club #2

Christa:                The fairways are just plush actually. They’re beautiful. The tees are in great shape. The greens are in great shape. We are just really excited about every part of this golf course.

Meredith:            It felt brand new, so I’m encouraging golfers. You’ve got experience Tradition Golf Club for your next fall golf trip. Right now, we’re going into our fall season. This is a great time to get out on this course. I want everybody to experience what I experienced today because I just had such a great time out there.

Christa:                Absolutely. We still have fall tee times available. Like I said, it is just going to be in fantastic shape, so we want everybody to come out and try out our new greens.

Meredith:            Also, you had a few upgrades with your club house. I noticed when I pulled up in the parking lot, it was freshly painted. It’s always such a beautiful facility when I come out here, but now it even looks more beautiful.

Christa:                Thank you. Yeah, we took advantage of the time that we were closed to do some little upgrades, painting inside, outside, some restroom work and some little things that needed to be done. We put a new facelift on, little upgrades here and there where we could. We’re excited about that part too.

Meredith:            It’s so nice. When I come out here, I feel that low country feel, which I love, and then you have that beautiful verandah where you can sit and have a nice meal from your wonderful grill here after hours. So many things I love about Tradition Golf Club. If somebody wants to book with you, can they call you directly?

Christa:                Absolutely. They can call us at 843-237-5041.

Meredith:            Okay, and then you can always go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com and book your next fall vacation. They also offer a free quick quote service, which is really cool because you can add Tradition Golf Club to your list of courses to play among many other courses here on the southern end including Pawleys Plantation, Willbrook, River Club, Litchfield Plantation. So many courses here to experience that’s really just right around the area of Tradition Golf Club.

Christa:                All within probably five minutes of here.Tradition Club 14th Hole

Meredith:            Absolutely.

Christa:                Yes.

Meredith:            We would love to see you out here at Tradition Golf Club. Again, thanks Christa for having me to play. The course is in spectacular condition. It’s really exciting.

Christa:                Thanks for coming out today, Meredith, and we’d love to have you out too.

Meredith:            Yeah, we’ll see you soon.

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