We Asked You Answered: Go For The Island Fairway on “The Gambler” Or Play It Safe?

The par five 6th hole at King’s North, known as “The Gambler,” is one of Myrtle Beach’s iconic challenges, giving players an opportunity to reach the green in two by hitting to an island fairway. We asked our subscribers via social media which approach they take when playing: the island fairway or the safer approach? Here are some of the comments and final poll results:

Hit the island but was still too far away to hit the green in 2. In retrospect, I’m not sure it was a good gamble. It was fun though! – Ken

Hit a decent shot to the island then splashed the next two! Took my double par and cracked another cold one! Birdied it a few years ago! still one of my favorite courses! – John

I’ve played it both ways – Steve

Island fairway attempt every time. Made easy birdies, and easy doubles that way. It’s a fun hole, and we fill that pond with golf balls on every Buddies Trip  – Darren

“Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em” The wind will definitely be the determining factor  – TimKing's North "The Gambler"

Island all day. Never played for the fairway. – Mike

I try to take the right side but it doesn’t always happen. – Allen

Played a Match there and we both agreed to go for the island. Both in the water too. Halved with double bogey. – William

I’ve done both. It depends on the wind

Always the Island – Asher

That’s why it’s called the gambler – Mike

My favorite hole in Myrtle Beach! – AlexKing's North "The Gambler"

Love this course. – Chad

Always go for the island fairway but sometimes have to lay-up on the second shot anyhow, so I should really go the safe route, but never do. – William

Final Results:

Go For The Island Fairway: 87%

Play it Safe: 10%

I Don’t Know: 3%

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