World Tour Golf Links Combines Spectacular Golf with Unique Experience

Meredith:            Hey everyone, thanks for joining us. We are at World Tour Golf Links today, and joining me is head golf professional, Brad Crumling. Brad, thanks for having us out.

Brad:                    Thank you for coming out. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to come see us.

Meredith:            Well, we are on a very special hole here. Let’s tell our viewers a little bit about World Tour, and its connection to Augusta.

Brad:                    Well, this is hole number five on the championship side. It is a replica hole of hole number 12 at Augusta National. We have the entire Amen Corner out here. 11, 12 and 13 that you’re going to see when you watch the Master’s this year. And our whole golf course is a design of replica holes from around the world, so you’re going to get to see Amen Corner. You’re going to get to see 1 and 18 from St. Andrews. Number 11 at Bay Hill. So you’re going to get to see a bunch of great holes from around the world, and see this great layout.

Meredith:            So many reasons for people to come here, so if you don’t get the opportunity to play those other courses, well, you got it all here at World Tour Golf Links.World Tour Clubhouse

Brad:                    That’s right. That’s right.

Meredith:            So if somebody wants to book, can they connect with you directly?

Brad:                    Yes, ma’am. You can call the golf shop here at area code 843-236-2000, or visit us at our website at

Meredith:            Okay.

Brad:                    And I believe you can also book through as well.

Meredith:            Yep, You can go ahead and book here. We would love to see you out. This is amazing, and behind us again we have Amen Corner. We have that Ben Hogan bridge. The bridge is amazing.

Brad:                    It’s amazing.

Meredith:            It literally looks like the same one at Augusta.

Brad:                    That’s right.

Meredith:            I mean the replica here is truly authentic.World Tour Golf Links Ben Hogan Bridge

Brad:                    It really is.

Meredith:            To the original courses, so really you got to come, check us out. Again, go to We want to see you out here. You got to come experience it.

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