TPC Myrtle Beach~The Ultimate Golf Experience

Meredith:           We’re at TPC Myrtle Beach and joining me is first assistant golf professional, Chad Sullivan. Chad, thanks for having us out here.

Chad:                    Absolutely.

Meredith:           What a beautiful and look at this view.

Chad:    It’s a great office, isn’t it?

Meredith:           It’s gorgeous.

Chad:                    I love it.

Meredith:           I love TPC. Golf Digest has ranked TPC as a five star rating. One of the only five star ratings in Myrtle Beach so tell our viewers a little bit about TPC.

Chad:                    Absolutely. The course is phenomenal. Conditions are always top-notch. The greens are always fast and true. The course is great. Championship layout. Challenging for every level of golfer. There’s a tee box for everybody and you can make a birdie or a par or a bogey out here just the same as anybody else. We love having people here. We try to treat everybody with that kind of private club feel. Top level service. The course is awesome. I definitely recommend everybody to come out and play it if you’ve never been.

Meredith:           This course is phenomenal. Best greens along the beach.

Chad:                    Yeah.

Meredith:           Amazing.

Chad:                    They are quick, aren’t they?

Meredith:           They are quick and fast. If you like the fast greens, you got to come check out TPC. Also, you have a 19th hole here.

Chad:                    Absolutely.

Meredith:           Which you all have amazing food so it’s a great place to have a meal after a round or if you like a cold beer or a beverage. You can enjoy this beautiful clubhouse here. You’ve got rocking chairs.

Chad:                    The grill’s great. The food is awesome. We have the Champions Pub here. You come in and grab a beer after the round or a drink, food. Anything.

Meredith:           Right. One thing I love is the customer service here is amazing.

Chad:                    Absolutely. Yeah. We try to give that top level service.

Meredith:           Yeah. When you finish your round, you’ve got the cold towels and nice. Yes. Just top-notch here at TPC.

Chad:                    Absolutely.

Meredith:           For some of our viewers that maybe have not been to TPC, let’s give them one reason why they need to get out here and check it out.

Chad:                    It’s got to be the golf. We have three of the toughest finishing holes in Myrtle Beach. The conditions are great, like I said, and just coming out here and experiencing everything that TPC has to offer is something that you can cross off the bucket list.

Meredith:           If somebody wanted to book here at TPC, how can they contact you?

Chad:                    You can always call the golf shop directly. Another way to book is online. We offer a lot of package golf here. The spring and the fall is a very busy time. Definitely bring out the boys and girls and come play.

Meredith:           Awesome. You can also go to and book your next golf vacation. You can even customize your vacation and you can choose what courses that you want to play. You got to add TPC on your bucket list. Chad, this is an amazing course. I love it out here. One of my favorites.

Chad:                    Absolutely.

Meredith:           Thanks for having us out and we look forward to seeing you guys here at TPC of Myrtle Beach.

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