Three Holes at TPC That Could Decide NCAA Myrtle Beach Regional Championship

Coastal Carolina University and TPC will host the NCA Myrtle Beach Regional May 12th and 13th. Some of America’s best collegiate golf teams will come to the Grand Strand in hopes of being one of five squads that advance through to the NCAA championship. With stakes so high, we ask Coastal Carolina coach Jim Garren which three holes at TPC will have the biggest impact on the tournament and who advances.

Jim Garren:         Coming down the stretch, 17. It’s a medium long iron par three depending on the wind, and there’s a lot of trouble. So, when you’re looking at those third, fourth, fifth place teams trying to get in, versus those sixth, seventh, eighth teams all vying for those five spots, there’s a double bogey waiting to happen. I mean it’s a tough golf shot, if it’s down wind it’s a little easier, but if it’s into the wind and picking up, that water’s in play. I think the goal for anybody there any time they play, it’s the center of the green.

Then you turn around and look at 18. The risk of water par five. Obviously these guys can get there in two, and I think we’re a little different than say your average player that’s going to come down here and play on vacation, or play for fun. When they play these places, the further back you go on the tee, the fairway is pretty narrow for a guy that hits it hard. And we want to talk about the second shot, and what you can do with the green, and where you can get it. But that’s not an option if you’re not straight off the tee. And what a lot of people don’t realize is how tight that shot is.

I think the most important shot on that hole when you’re talking about high level players is getting the ball in position on the fairway. It’s a great hole. I mean at this level pretty much everybody can get there, and you’re going to see some great shots, you’re going to see some head scratching shots. But when it comes down to finishing, the last hole, if your team’s a couple back and you need a couple of birdies, you know you can do it here. Five’s a good little hole, and the reason I say I think it’s critical is because it should be a pretty basic par roll for guys, but that’s an automatic double if you’re in the water. I think holes like that in college golf have a bit effect on the outcome. I think when we look back at the end of the week, some of that separation will happen on five, as guys come up a little short when they shouldn’t.

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