Aberdeen Country Club A Gem Worth Finding

Meredith:           We’re at Aberdeen Country Club. And joining me is head golf professional Tom Van hoogen.

Thanks for having us out, Tom.

Tom:                      Thank you.

Meredith:           All right. So I love this course. And one of the reasons why is it’s 27 holes. You don’t often find that with Myrtle Beach golf. Where you can come out to a course and have the option of playing an additional nine.

Tom:                      Exactly, yeah. 27 holes gives a lot of variety with the nines. And also gives you the ability to come out, play 18 holes, have a great time. If you want to play some more golf, go out for another nine and it will be a totally different experience.

Meredith:           Exactly. So you really can come out here and just spend a whole day playing golf, taking your time, really.Aberdeen Country Club

Tom:                      Exactly.

Meredith:           And each nine holes is unique. Tell us kind of the differences between each of the courses.

Tom:                      Yeah. The Highlands definitely feels like you’re a little more like over in Scotland. Very like big, undulated greens, just fun to play. Some big rolling hills over there. So it’s player friendly, but very challenging at the same time, I think, you know? If you play from the right tees, the distance isn’t too bad. If you play from the tips, it’s definitely going to be a little challenging. Some long par fours out there.

Then we go to The Meadows nine. I think it’s more a traditional, nine-hole golf course that you find in Myrtle Beach, where the center is player friendly. The distance is a good distance to play but not overly long. There’s a lot of fun holes. The ninth hole is our signature hole, I think, on the whole golf course.

The fairway is split by a big oak tree right in the middle.

Meredith:           Oh, okay.

Tom:                      So you have to go either left or right of it. I generally aim right at the oak tree, figuring I’m never going to hit it straight. I’m going to go right or left of it. And then your carry is over a pond that guards the green right in front of it.

Meredith:           Okay.

Tom:                      So just a great, great design hole.

And then The Woodlands design, you’re just out in the woods. Totally different, target golf, I’d say. You have to be very accurate off the tee. Some very well-placed hazards out there, so you have to know where you’re going, know what clubs … how far you hit your clubs, where to place it.

But out there, you’re just … it’s you. It takes you about five bridges over there to get around the whole golf course. Just to get the different sides of it.

Meredith:           Right.

Tom:                      Very beautiful.Aberdeen Country Club

Meredith:           Yeah, it is beautiful out here. A lot of wildlife. There’s a lot of gators and beautiful birds. And I think the reason behind that is really it’s not really a residential community. It’s just all golf course and nature out here, right?

Tom:                      Exactly, exactly. We do have a neighborhood, but it’s very small. As you drive in, it just borders a couple of the holes. But for the most part, you’re not going to hit any homes. You might hit trees. You’re gonna hit some water, maybe. Hopefully not. But no, it’s very, very you and the environment and the golf course.

Meredith:           And I think it’s great. I mean, that to me in itself sets Aberdeen Country Club apart from other courses.

Tom:                      Exactly.

Meredith:           Yeah. One of the reasons you definitely got to head up this way, also you’re very close proximity to Long Bay.

Tom:                      Yeah.

Meredith:           And that’s great, too. So if you’re looking to play two rounds, you can head on over here to Aberdeen Country Club. And then right down the road, you can go play your second round in the afternoon at Long Bay.

Tom:                      Yep, exactly.

Meredith:           And I’m sure you often have a lot of golfers that do that when they come in?

Tom:                      Oh, we definitely have that. A lot of golfers that come in looking to play, you know, our sister courses within the company. And of course, being on Highway 9, Long Bay is five minutes up the road. So it’s easy to get your clubs, hop in the car, go up there and get another 18 holes.

Meredith:           Exactly. And for you ladies, this is very player friendly. And also, one thing I love about the northern courses here at Myrtle Beach is you’re close to the Tanger Outlet Malls. You have some really great restaurants on the northern end. A lot to do and see up here.

Thanks for helping us out. This is just a beautiful day and great for fall golf here in Myrtle Beach.Aberdeen Country Club

Tom:                      Thank you.

Meredith:           So folks, come on up this way and join us. You can go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com. Or you can just contact Aberdeen Country Club and you can book your next tee time here and check out this beautiful, beautiful course here with a lot of nature, too.

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