World Tour Head Golf Professional Highlights Favorite Holes

(This video was a Facebook Live Video Excerpt)

Meredith:            So that was a lot of fun.

Brad:                    It was.

Meredith:            Playing Hole #6. And now we’re on the green on Hole #5. Behind us here is the famous Ben Hogan Bridge. Actually looks just like it.

Brad:                    It really is. To me, this is probably one of the best replicas that we have out here.

Meredith:            Oh, absolutely.

Brad:                    With the azaleas all around the side and back behind the back hill and bridge, a good simulation of Rays Creek. It’s probably one of my favorites when it comes to replicas out here.

Meredith:            Oh. Absolutely. This is great now. Not just having the aim and corner holes here from Augusta, which are spectacular, you have many other replica holes that are holes from the US Open, the British Open, PGA Championship. Let’s talk a little bit more about other replica holes out here because you don’t want to miss playing World Tour because if you can’t play Augusta, which most of can’t. I mean, come on, what are the odds of that, right? Okay. If we can’t play it, well you know what, you can play it. You can play it at World Tour here. So it really is a great experience and like you said, it’s the closest replica that you can find to actual Augusta in these holes here at Amen Corner, you can’t beat it. What are some of the other holes that when people are coming off the course, they’re like, “Man. That was just like this course.”

Brad:                    So to stick with Augusta for a second, we also have a replica of 16, Par 3 over on the open side which is infamous for Tiger’s “Better than most” chip shot from behind the green. So we have that for Augusta. We have Number 18 from Wingfoot where Phil Mickelson had the lead going into the last hole of the US Open and blew it way left and everyone remembers and blowing it there. And then, 1 & 18 from Augusta, you know. Everyone remembers Jordan Spieth hitting way over into 18 fairway and then knocking it up there to get into the playoff. But yeah, those three are probably the closest, you know, you have the 17 from Sawgrass from the Player’s Championship

Meredith:            That is so cool. I mean you truly have the best holes of golf here at World Tour.

Brad:                    Certainly do.

Meredith:            Yeah. And 17 at Sawgrass I mean, that’s a great hole right there.

Brad:                    Yeah. I’ve donated a lot of golf clubs to that pond. I’ll just leave it at that.

Meredith:            Yeah. World Tour Golf Links. It’s in Central Myrtle Beach so if you’re coming here for your next golf vacation and want to book, you can go to You have some really good rates. So that’s great that the rates are really good to come out here so it’s very affordable to come experience great golf here at Myrtle Beach and all these awesome replica holes. So, if somebody wants to book can they book directly with you here?

Brad:                    They can book directly through the golf shop, area code 843-236-2000. You can visit us at our website as well at and we look forward to having everyone out. I will say in the year plus that I’ve been here at World Tour, this is by far the best conditions. I have to say it’s a great compliment to Scott Grumman  our superintendent and the team of maintenance that does so.

Meredith:            Yeah. Well you have a great staff here and I love the club house. Just when you pull in, you see all the flags, you really get the vibe here that you’re getting that world tour experience. Very cool. And if you come out here, you got to say hey to Brad.

Brad:     Yes. Certainly. I’m here. All the time.

Meredith:            All right. So thanks for joining us live here today and again, if you don’t have a chance to get to Augusta and you want to experience the best golf like Augusta here, AMN Corner, we have all these holes and many other holes as well, you got to join us here at World Tour Golf Links. Again you can go to and for us, I really think we need to get back out there and play. Brad and I are putting horrible today.

Brad:                    Yes. We have to practice our short game.

Meredith:            But it was fun though right?

Brad:                    It was awesome.

Meredith:            Because the weather is warm.

Brad:                    It’s perfect.

Meredith:            It’s nice. It’s Myrtle Beach Golf, you can never go wrong with that so …

Brad:                    If you like sunny and 70, come visit us.

Meredith:            That’s right. All right. Well thanks for joining us and join us next week on Wednesday. We’ll see you then.

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