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Meredith:           We are at the beautiful Tradition Golf Club. Joining me, is First Assistant Kurtis Kuhn. Kurtis, I absolutely love this course because, just coming out here, it offers so many different types of holes for the golfers. Tell us a little bit about Tradition Club, and the style here.

Kurtis:                   Tradition is a great golf club. We opened up in 1995. So to me, it’s a great mixture of old school golf and new school golf. Like, if you take behind me, right here is our beautiful hole #15, it’s our island green par 3. It’s definitely one of our signature holes out here. Everybody loves plying in this hole so, you definitely have holes like that. Then, you also have like we have here, this is hole #16. It’s a beautiful tree line, straight away par 4. So, you definitely get different options for every type of golfer. I feel like we meet the needs of any type of golfer that wants to come out and get an experience at Tradition Golf Club.

Meredith:           Yeah, and I love what you said about old school, new school. Because, when I come out here and we’re looking at all the different holes here today, it definitely is exactly that. It’s almost like a championship style course, where you come out here with a group, have a lot of fun, but also it’s very player friendly. You have some yardages, those forward tees at 4100 yards, back tees at about 6800.

Kurtis:                   Yeah, 6875 so, right under 6900 for the back tees. They might seem a little short for ya from the back tees but, it changes the golf course completely. So, for the skilled lower handicapped players, we definitely do offer that championship style course because, this course is gonna make you hit golf shots. From the back tees, say on 17, there’s a lot of well placed trees that kind of affect your tee shot from the back tees, that you don’t normally see from the white tees. So, you definitely really have to have control of your golf ball to be able to hit some fades and some draws off the tees, to get you the proper position to be able to score on this golf course.

Meredith:           And then, you have multiple risk reward holes here.Tradition Golf Club Hole number 7

Kurtis:                   Yes, we do. We have two par 5’s out here that are reachable if you want to go for it but, the second shot is gonna be over some water. So, you really gotta hit two fantastic shots to get there but, it gives you that option to do it. Especially off the tees as well. On some of the par 4’s, it gives you the option to hit driver but, as you get to where your driver’s gonna be landing, it’s gonna be a little bit narrower in those parts of the fairway. So, you can head driver but, you better be accurate on this golf course so, it’s definitely a good challenge, but it’s also like you said, “Great for the higher handicaps that want to come out here and just have a great time.” The greens are very receiver friendly. So, if you can put the ball in the fairways, it’s gonna be a fun place to play for ya.

Meredith:           Absolutely. And, Tradition Golf Club is located on the northern end of Pawleys Island. So, there’s also a number of courses out, that kind of hug Tradition Club, that you can also come out and play. We have River Club and then Willbrook. So, on some of the holes out here, you’ll see other courses kind of hugging Tradition Club, which is great. Because, when you come down here to play Tradition Golf Club, you can also head on down to River Club and also play Willbrook. That would be a good option if you’re bringing a group of golfers here to Myrtle Beach to play golf. Do you seem to have a lot of play from other courses in this area here?

Kurtis:                   Yeah. That’s one nice thing about Founders International, is we have 22 courses all along the Grand Strand so, when you come to us, you’re not just coming to us. You have the option to cross play our other courses. The beautiful thing that you said about the south end, is you can play us in the morning, and then you can also replay us. Or, if you want a little different feel, we can always call out to Willbrook, River Club, get you guys a tee time in the afternoon. It’s only a quick 2-3 minute drive to the other course and then boom, you’re teeing it up again, and it’s fantastic.

Meredith:           Absolutely. Yeah, it’s a great package.

Kurtis:                   Yes it is.

Meredith:           You can go to and you can get a quick quote at no cost, and you can book Tradition Golf Club there, as well as other courses on the northern end of Pawleys Island. Really, that would be a great way to bring a golf trip, right?Tradition Golf Club

Meredith:           Yeah. It’s definitely a fantastic place to come and play. Like I said, we welcome all ages, all skill levels. We’re just here at Tradition Club to have the best time you can possibly have, and enjoy a little bit of golf.

Meredith:           Yeah. Also, you have a great staff here, an amazing practice facility. It’s one of the best on the south end. So, a lot of things that Tradition Club provides for the golfer and in a gorgeous clubhouse with an outdoor and indoor lounge area. So, we would love to see you. Come on down to Tradition Golf Club, and just head on over to Book your next golf vacation, and come visit us out here.

Kurtis:                   Fantastic. We look forward to seeing you guys. Come down and play us.

Meredith:           Thanks.

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