To Hell With Weight Loss, Here Are 5 Golf New Year’s Resolutions You Will Love

The New Year has arrived, which means it’s time for resolutions. While the rest of America wrestles with pledges to lose weight and eat healthier, we are going to focus on New Year’s resolutions you will enjoy.

That’s right, we are talking about New Year’s golf resolutions. Commit to these five things and 2020 night be your best yet on the course.

1. Take a lesson. If you are struggling, it’s time to quit asking your 12-handicap buddy to take a look at your swing. Even if he can identify the problem, he is unlikely to be able to fix it. If you want to get your swing straightened out, consult a professional. It makes a difference.

2. Practice your short game. We all like to go bang the driver, but how you play from inside 50-75 yards will largely determine how your day goes. Most us forgo working on the short game, but that needs to change in 2020.

3. Make sure you take at least one Myrtle Beach golf trip, possibly two. The area’s golf offerings are better than ever, as is the legendary value (check out the Founders Group All-Inclusive Package), but a golf trip is about more than that. A golf vacation is a bonding experience, a chance to remove yourself from the stress of daily life, and the value goes beyond money.

4. Play at least two new courses, one at home and one in Myrtle Beach. If you’ve played most of the courses in the immediate vicinity of your home, don’t be afraid to drive an hour. Doing something new creates excitement, so generate it on your own.

5. Establish a legitimate handicap and compete in a tournament. Whether it’s the local member-guest or the World Amateur Handicap Championship, challenge yourself beyond a Saturday Nassau. It’s not a decision you will regret.

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