Tip Plus from Golf Digest: Better Body Action for Good Golf Shots

In this installment of Golf Digest’s “Tip Plus” video series, Golf Digest Senior Editor Stina Sternberg checks in from River Hills Golf & Country Club in Little River, South Carolina, to relay a tip on shot consistency from one of the world’s renowned golf instructors.

Stina: One of Golf Digest’s “Top 20 Under 40” teachers Mark Blackburn demonstrates in our “Breaking 100/90/80” section how golfers should focus more on body action to hit good golf shots. Hey says that amateurs either tend to freeze their bodies during the swing, or use them in the wrong sequence. Either way, the result is inconsistency.

Here, Mark shows us how to make a good shoulder turn, regardless of what club you’re hitting.

Mark: There’s a lot of talk right now about staying very centered during the golf swing. While that’s fantastic for the short clubs, as the club gets longer, there needs to be some movement to the right in order to allow enough shallowing of the club into the golf ball.

There’s a very easy way to be able to get the right pivot for all the clubs. Get set up at address in the normal position … put the club across your shoulders. For the short clubs, you’re going to make a nice turn with your shoulders perpendicular to the spine. That’s very, very good for the descending blow with wedges and the short clubs.

But as you get to the driver, you want to be sure to make a nice turn away from the ball feeling a good stretch. That’s going to provide a nice coil and a shallowing motion into the ball.

If you can make those two different pivots, you’re sure to be able to send your drives further and straighter down the fairway!

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