Time Continues to Define Litchfield Country Club

Meredith:            We are at the beautiful Litchfield Country Club on the Southern end of Myrtle Beach. Such a beautiful, timeless masterpiece of a golf course.  One thing I love about Litchfield Country Club is the history behind it. It’s been here for so long-

Eric:                      Yes.

Meredith:            And it’s one those old school, classic field courses. So, joining me today is Eric Glosick, Head Golf Professional and Eric’s going to share with us a little bit about the history of Litchfield Country Club.

Eric:                      Yeah, we’re one of the first golf courses built here on the Grand Strand. The golf course was built in 1966, so we turn 52 years old this year.

Meredith:            You don’t look it.

Eric:                      We don’t. And, a lot of the golf courses, they remained the same. So it’s a timeless classic for a golf course. 2006, we turned 50, we were also awarded the Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year. And it’s just a great all around golf course, it’s a great place to come visit.

Meredith:            It really is.

Eric:                      Yeah. We have a lot of repeat business comes here. The locals love it, it’s a local favorite. It’s kind of a hidden gem, it’s a little off 17 a little bit. And, we get a lot of repeat business from locals, people down on vacation.

Meredith:            And-

Eric:                      It’s great.

Meredith:            Yeah, and the design of it, I love it because it’s very player friendly, and it’s not too long. It doesn’t exhaust you. Sometimes you could play courses that are so long, and at the end of 18 holes, you might feel a little tired.

Eric:                      Mm-hmm

Meredith:            But here, you’re just getting really started.

Eric:                      Yeah.

Meredith:            It’s almost like a great course to come out, and enjoy a nice round. Doesn’t wear you out too much. In fact, you could head over to River Club right down the street and-

Eric:                      You could.

Meredith:            Kind of tag team it in one day and you get to play two beautiful golf courses here on the Southern end.

Eric:                      Two different designs, two different styles and they’re both great golf courses.

Meredith:            Exactly. And also, I want to talk a little bit about the clubhouse. You have a grill, and it’s so beautiful. This clubhouse has been here since 1966.

Eric:                      Yep.

Meredith:            And, it really gives you that old school, classic feel. Let’s talk about that.

Eric:                      It is. It’s a very large clubhouse.

Meredith:            Mm-hmm

Eric:                      Downstairs, we have our players’ grill where people can come and have lunch, or just grab a quick snack on the turd. And then, upstairs we actually have a banquet facility. So, we can accommodate large parties of guests for special events, meetings, and even weddings.

Meredith:            Cool.

Eric:                      We do host a good amount of weddings, and we love having them here and, we can do the weddings right here on the property, cause we’re surrounded by the old Live Oaks. And then, move the reception inside.

Meredith:            Well I have to say-

Eric:                      Fantastic dinner.

Meredith:            A wedding would be absolutely perfect

Eric:                      It would be.

Meredith:            Here. It’s gorgeous.

Eric:                      A beautiful setting.

Meredith:            Yeah, absolutely. Well, so many reasons why you got to come out and check out Litchfield Country Club. And, if you don’t want to play golf, come check out the clubhouse. Come to the grill, have a nice little meal. But it’s a great course to play. Now, if somebody wants to book directly with you, how do they go about doing that?

Eric:                      They can give us a call at area code 843-237-3411, or they can visit our website, litchfieldgolf.com.

Meredith:            All right, great. Litchfieldgolf.com, or you can always head over to Myrtlebeachgolftrips.com and book your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation. You’ve got to  include Litchfield Country Club, we would certainly love to see you out here, it definitely is a timeless masterpiece.

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