Three Things You Must Do To Play Well At Tidewater

Tidewater Golf Club is Myrtle Beach’s third best course, according to a poll of area PGA professionals, and at the heart of its appeal is the layout’s stunning natural beauty. With nine holes that play along either Cherry Grove Inlet or the Intracoastal Waterway, Tidewater is unforgettable, but it will test every part your game.

If you want to score well at Tidewater, here are three things you must do:

1. Don’t lose a ball on the par 3s. Tidewater is home to the prettiest collection of par 3s in Myrtle Beach and arguably all of South Carolina, but after you’ve finished admiring their beauty, you must play a quartet of holes that have the potential to wreck your scorecard. Holes 3 and 12 (top photo) reside along Cherry Grove and the tidal water that defines both has collected countless golf balls over the years. The “other” par 3s – 9 and 17 – are impacted by water from the Intracoastal and both play into the prevailing wind. If you avoid losing a ball on the par 3s, you are on your way to a good round.

2. Unlike the one-shooters, you need to be aggressive and take advantage of the par 5s at Tidewater. Three of the four par 5s are 482 yards or less (all distances fromTidewater 16th Hole white tees) and No. 16 (pictured right), while 521 yards long, plays downhill, which shortens the hole’s practical distance. That being said, beware of the water. The marshy waters of the Intracoastal run along the left side of the eighth hole, and Cherry Grove lurks to the right of No. 13, which offers a distant view of the Atlantic Ocean from the course’s most severe green. Despite the water, you will have every opportunity to score.

3. The adage says, “drive for show, putt for dough,” but your round will most likely be defined by how you hit the ball from the tee. If you can enjoy Tidewater’s beauty from the middle of the fairway, you should be able to manage from your approach shot on in. So, spend time on the range tuning up your swing before starting play.

Regardless of your score, Tidewater is a course you will tell your friends about.

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