The Traveling Golfer Spotlights Myrtle Beach Golf Trips

Tony Leodora: When you come to the Lowcountry southern end of Myrtle Beach, it’s always good to have a tour guide. Our tour guide, Steve Mays, director of marketing for the Founders Group. They own, manage 22 golf courses in the Greater Myrtle Beach Area, many of them on the South End. That gives you a wonderful assortment of opportunities here.

Steve Mays: We certainly do. I mean the South End’s a lot different than the Myrtle Beach Area. It’s much more quiet down here. It’s a much more slower pace down here and a different experience than you have in Central Myrtle Beach. We have six golf courses down here.

Tony: Now as varied as the golf menu is, you also have varied choices for accommodations right here close. That’s something a lot of people don’t realize because they don’t see the big hotels down this end.

Steve: That’s right. There are a lot of actual houses on the beach. Then, we also have Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort, which is our main property that’s down here on this end. They have condos. They have hotel rooms. They have townhouses. We have townhouses here and condominiums located on Pawleys Plantation.

Tony: Right at the golf course.

Steve: Yeah, as well as at Tradition Club. There are great accommodations here, especially that’s really fitted for a golf package.

Tony: Yeah. I’ve stayed in everything down on this end from a smaller, two-bedroom condo to a big four-bedroom house. A four-bedroom, four-bath, great room. I mean you can have a lot of fun in those houses and they’re so close to all the action.

We’re featuring Pawleys Plantation and the Founders Club in this show, but there’s really a lot close-by that the Founders Group controls and makes it so easy for your golf trips.

Steve: Well, that’s the great thing about coming down to the South End because you have Pawleys Plantation, as well as Founders. We also have Litchfield Country Club, which is a great old golf course.

Tony: An old, old golf course, yes.

Steve: Fantastic layout. Adjacent to Litchfield Country Club, we also have River Club, which is a fantasy layout, has a couple of island greens out there, and really a nice golf course. Then, just down the road from there, we have Willbrook Plantation, which is a Dan Maple’s design.

Tony: I always liked Willbrook. I’ll tell you I’ve played it a number of times over the years and that was one I enjoyed bringing other people for their first time to the area to play.

Steve: Exactly. It’s one of my favorite golf courses down here on this end. It sits right along the Waccamaw River. It’s a beautiful golf course, aesthetically, as well as a challenging golf course, and located, literally across the street from there, is the Tradition Club, which is a great golf course.

Tony: If it’s the one course that I had to play over and over again in the area, that’s the one I’d pick.

Steve: It is a special layout. It’s playable, but it’s a beautiful golf course and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Tony: Well, that’s a great assortment and that’s the key thing. A lot of visitors to the Myrtle Beach Area don’t always get that. Sectionalize your golf trip. I know there are other great courses you want to play. Play them on your next trip. Come to the Lowcountry and play these ones that are so close to each other.

Steve: It’s a different feel in place down here in Pawleys Island and Litchfield Beach and as it starts in Murrells Inlet. There are some great shops here. There are some great restaurants down here. I mean one trip you can stay in Central Myrtle Beach and everything and all the great golf courses that has to offer, and on your next trip, come down to the South End and slow the pace down a little bit and play some of these great golf courses. There are holes out there that you just can’t see anywhere else in the country. They’re spectacular golf holes. You see that a lot down here on this end.

Tony: The best way for people to get in touch with all of these places and how to find out to put together their golf trip?

Steve: Go to and you can see all of the great golf courses we have up and down the Grand Strand, and specifically, down here on the South End, we have accommodations, so you can do golf packages. You can book your tee times only. All of your golf needs, you can go to

Tony: A new look to the golf landscape in Myrtle Beach, but a good change.

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