The Pro’s Take: 5 Hardest Tee Shots in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is home to more than 1,600 golf holes and we gave Jimmy Biggs, the PGA general manager at Pine Lakes, the unenviable task of identifying the five toughest tees shot along the Grand Strand.

Biggs has known much more success than failure on the course, but there are still shots that cause him to pucker up. If you are playing from the tips, here are the five hardest tee shots in Myrtle Beach, from the perspective of the long-time PGA professional.

Kings North No. 6, 568 yards, par 5 – “The Gambler. Enough said. Go for the island fairway and have a mid to long iron in or go the long way and deal with the disappointment of hitting it in the water anyway.”

Glen Dornoch No. 18, 455 yards, par 4 – “Blind tee shot over marsh. There is a layup fairway that leaves you 190 yards in or the ‘go for broke fairway’ that leaves you 60 yards in, but you can’t see that fairway.”

Thistle No. 9 on Stewart 9, 195 yards, par 3 – “An uphill tee shot to an elevated green surrounded by water, usually into the wind. No bailout. I would gladly take bogey there every time and run.”

Legends Parkland, No. 15, 563 yards, par 5 – “Back tee out of a narrow tree line for about 60 yards AND it has to cut hard. Good luck.”

Blackmoor, No. 8, 371 yards/290 yards, par 5 – “Dual, narrow fairways separated by trees. You don’t know which fairway to hit down to give you the best angle at the pin on a small green.”

There you have it. Five tee shots that take one of Myrtle Beach’s best golfers from thoughts of making another birdie to hoping to survive. How does your list of the Grand Strand’s toughest tee balls compare to Biggs’?

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