The Driver and Decisions: What it Takes to Play Well at Arrowhead Country Club

The formula for Arrowhead Country Club – outstanding conditions, a prime location and the beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway – has been a winning one from the moment the Tom Jackson/Raymond Floyd design opened its always lush fairways.

Once you and the boys (or girls) book a tee time, what can you expect at Arrowhead, beyond a short drive from the beach and a lot of scenery?

Here is an insider’s guide to Arrowhead, a 27-hole facility that is home to the Cypress, Lakes and Waterway nines:

– Arrowhead is home to a lot of doglegs. Each of the three nines begins with a straight par 4 but 16 of the layout’s 21 par 4s/5s are home to significant doglegs with 10 of them bending to the left. No matter the combination of nines played, the course never reaches 6,700 yards from the tips so this isn’t a layout that demands you hit driver on every hole.

– The fairways at Arrowhead aren’t necessarily small but the landing areas are tight, especially when it comes to being in the right spot. The majority of golfers play from the white tees, which range from 6,179 yards to 6,242 yards, depending on the combination of nines played. Your score will most likely be dictated by the quality of your tee shot, so whether you use the driver, a five-wood or a hybrid, make sure your first swing of each hole is a good one.

– Speaking of the tee shot, those doglegs create a lot of risk-reward decisions. Long hitters have the ability to overwhelm several holes – Waterway No. 2 and Lakes No. 6 come immediately to mind – and even moderate hitters will face choices about how aggressive they want to play. Those decisions can decide a match and that’s what makes them fun.Arrowhead Country Club

– If you know anything about Arrowhead, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s consistently among the best conditioned courses along the Myrtle Beach golf scene. Arrowhead is one of just a handful of courses that overseed wall-to-wall, so it’s green throughout the year, and the course always transitions well. You can book a round at Arrowhead and arrive at the course fully confident that it will be in prime condition.

– You can make putts at Arrowhead. There is some subtle movement in the greens but not the big sweeping breaks that make finding the right line about as likely as securing a date with Jennifer Anniston. A good confident stroke should result in a lot of made putts.

At the heart of Arrowhead Country Club’s appeal is the consistency of the experience. No matter the time of year or the combination of nines, golfers know what they are getting at Arrowhead.

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