The Best Grand Strand Beach Bars After Your Round

The 19th hole can be great.

Your foursome (or larger) can unload the cart and be grabbing that first post-round beverage in less time than your buddies spent ribbing you for that missed 2-foot putt. For as great as the clubhouse banter can be, though, the addition of waves as background noise is often the perfect complement.

Hey, your golf trek to Myrtle Beach might as well capitalize on all we have to offer, right?
These beachfront bars each provide the type of breeze, sights and sounds you might be looking for. Besides, your friends are going to mention that putt no matter where you spend your post-round cool down.

Let’s move you from the south end right on up the coast, giving you an easy access option no matter where you’re playing.

We’ll crank things up at Neal & Pam’s Bar & Grill (20 South Ocean Blvd, Surfside Beach), an absolute staple of the budding Surfside Beach nightlife scene. Cheap drinks and solid views are the name of the game here, with almost nightly music/karaoke adding to it all.

Moving up into Myrtle Beach city limits, Art Burger Sushi Bar (706 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach) is just off the boardwalk in downtown. The slender indoorArt Burger Sushi Bar seating area leads you right on to the back porch and the Atlantic. The drink options here can get pretty out there, or the beer is pretty darn cold. (Photo Right from Art Burger Sushi Bar’s facebook page)

Just up the road some is Tin Roof 1410 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach). Tin Roof sets itself apart with its third-floor bar (one of three here) elevating you up above the beach and overlooking the boardwalk. There’s music here most nights, and if you and yours don’t have an early morning round, the drinks flow well into the night. (Top photo from Tin Roof’s facebook page)

Bummz Beach Cafe (2002 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach) looks relatively mundane until you make your way through the inside seating area onto the back patio. With an elongated bar perpendicular to the sand and water, the rest of the domain tunnels your vision right on out to the water.

Located at Sands Ocean Club, Ocean Annie’s (9550 Shore Drive, Myrtle Beach) is a come-as-you-are joint that goes from chill beach/pool-side bar to dance party in aOcean Annie's Beach Bar hurry. Some will be in bathing suits, while plenty of others are in their golf attire. (Photo Right from Ocean Annie’s facebook page)

Buoy’s on the Boulevard (93 South Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach), about a half block south of one of the main drags of the North Strand and takes advantage of walk-up traffic galore. For that crowd, the fantastic happy hour and live music is a pleasant surprise.

Snooky’s Oceanfront (2208 North Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach) is a relatively newer addition to the scene, having opened in 2019. It’s already become known as a solid seafood choice, so hit up the raw bar while experimenting with some of its high-end drinks.

Any of these choices will give you the proper frame of mind to talk about that round or the next one coming up. Besides, your friends are going to mention that putt no matter what.