Take a Trip Around the Globe at World Tour Golf Links

Meredith:           We are at the beautiful World Tour Golf Links and joining us today is head golf professional, Corey Bowers. Corey, thanks for having us out.

Corey:                   It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Meredith:           You know World Tour Golf Links is really unique, because every hole emulates some of the most popular golf holes. So tell us a little bit about this course.

Corey:                   Sure. Obviously what you said, we have replica holes from all over the world. As far as Augusta National, we have Amen Corner, all three holes from there. We have one in eighteen of St. Andrews. We have the famous, the ones everybody sees every year, The Players, seventeen at Sawgrass. You can test your luck on the island green. As well as many others. Colonial. You have your experience throughout every one of them.

Meredith:           Right. And it’s interesting. Because as you know, as golfers we want to play all of these amazing courses. And you think about Amen Corner. I mean, what are the odds of us actually getting to play Augusta? Not very high, right?

Corey:                   That’s right.World Tour 18th Hole

Meredith:           So for your average golfers, including us, we get the opportunity to come out here and play some of the most popular holes in the world and it’s all on one course. I think that is so amazing. And I know so many people love coming to Myrtle Beach to experience World Tour here because you just can’t find anything like this anywhere.

Corey:                   No, not at all. Again, it’s driven from your whole experience, when you come until the moment leave. But it’s so unique. And to get a different feel every time you tee it up on a different hole, you feel like you’re in a different state, you’re in a different country. It’s a really special place.

Meredith:           I love that. It’s constantly changing here. Very cool. You have a beautiful clubhouse here. Your staff is amazing. When you roll into this course, it’s just gorgeous. It’s almost like you feel like you’re somewhere else. You actually don’t feel like you’re in Myrtle Beach even.

Corey:                   Yeah. And that’s obviously what the goal is here. We pride ourself on being one of the top golf courses in Myrtle Beach. And with that, the expectations of experience is first. And I can’t thank my staff enough.

Most of my staff members have been here for eight plus years. Some have been here since 1999 when the golf course was opened. So they know the golf course like the back of their hand and they’re more than helpful out there on the golf course throughout the whole day.

And information that you need, along the history of the hole or things that have happened throughout years of being here. And people that have been here to play golf here. There’s tons of great stories through the staff and they’re so helpful.

Meredith:           Yeah, it’s absolutely fabulous. We are on the second floor right now. A beautiful clubhouse. Right below us is the Grill. You have phenomenal food out here. It’s a great place after a round to enjoy some good food, have a round of drinks with your group. Really there’s so much to offer out here at World Tour.

And often I find, when I’m talking to golfers about all the different courses they’re playing in Myrtle Beach, many of them tell me that they play World Tour first. Like right when they get into town they want to hit this course, they want to experience all the different replica holes like you mentioned. And so that’s a good idea if you’re wanting to play World Tour. To put this first on your bucket list when you get to Myrtle Beach for your next golf vacation.

Do you find that’s true with golfers coming here?

Corey:                   Yeah, we do have a lot of the first rounds come in here. And people are excited to try to go test their luck on some of the holes they see every weekend. And the fact that we can be a golf course that sets the tone for the trip is a big driver of what pushes us to be the best we can be.World Tour Golf Links

You brought up the point of our Grill. We have a fantastic patio on the back. Something that doesn’t get paid attention to I don’t think enough. After the round, you can take a group of 50, 60, however many it is and sit out and watch all the shots come into our ninth hole on the championship side, which is Bay Hill number 11. So, with Arnie still obviously fresh in all our minds, it’s a special hole coming in. And you can get all the guys and ladies that are on the back porch heckling their own groups coming in. And watching them either knock it over the water or make the putt. And you’re very close to the green back there, so it’s a good finish to your golf round.

Meredith:           Yeah. Absolutely gorgeous finishing hole. So many holes out here that we want you to experience here at World Tour Golf Links. You can go to myrtlebeachgolftrips.com or indian.com to schedule your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

Corey, can they contact you here in the Pro Shop?

Corey:                   Absolutely. Staff is always behind the counter, 7:00 to 7:00 through the whole year. 843-236-2000. More than happy to go to our Facebook page and like us there, The World Tour Golf. And also, I want to air our website at theworldtourgolf.com.

Meredith:           Awesome. Well, so many ways to contact and book your next tee time here at World Tour Golf Links.

Thanks, Corey, for having us out. And we look forward to seeing you here at the World Tour Golf Links.

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