Skill Drills with Meredith Kirk: Rhythm and Tempo

In this installment of her “Skill Drills” instructional video series, Meredith Kirk discusses Rhythm and Tempo and gives insight on an effective drill to help you establish good rhythm and tempo. Learn more about “Skill Drills” at !

This drill is called the rhythm and tempo drill, and what you need for this drill is 10 balls and 10 tees, and you can line them up just like I have here. About two to five inches apart. The goal of this drill is we want to create a nice rhythm and tempo as we’re swinging, so we’re going to swing through each of these balls, and we’re going to start out at about 10 to 20% of a swing, and by the time we end we’re going to be in a full swing, full capacity, okay?

I’m going to start with the first one. It’s just going to be a small little shot here. Hold my finish. This is going to be about 25%. There we go. You’re going to move through these rather at a good pace. Not too fast, but not too slow. It’s really cool because as you look out and you watch your balls you’re going to see the differences in your yardages based on how far you’re taking the club back and through.

All right, so now we’re going to be taking it back just a little bit more.  I’m at about 50 to 60 capacity.  I’m going to start getting a little bit more distance, a little bit more trajectory and warming up.  I’m actually feeling a good tempo right now. Now, as you get down to the last three balls what I love to do is I love to count. What I mean by count, you’re going to do a one two three count. At address  it’s one, two at the top, and three as you swing through.  I’m going to do this in my head. Here I am. This is one, two, three. I gave you an example of what that count looks like. These last two I will be counting. Full swing. Oh, great. I feel really nice and loosened up right now. It feels great. I feel a great tempo. There you go.

That’s it. Great warm up drill to get nice and loose, get a good rhythm and tempo next time you’re out on the course.