Signature Cocktails Worth a Sip In Myrtle Beach

Following the craft beer craze that took over South Carolina’s Grand Strand not too long ago, restaurants decided they were ready for the next evolution.

The area’s signature cocktail scene has never been bigger.

Up and down Myrtle Beach’s golf-rich tourist market, establishments have peppered the Grand Strand with the type of liquor-based refreshments that are worthy of conversation, and, of course, a try.

Located in Myrtle Beach city limits, 44 & King not only survived its earliest days during the pandemic, it thrived and took its section at 44th and Kings Highway by storm. It now boasts an upgraded outdoor seating area and plenty of room to roam. We mention all that first because one of its signature drinks, the Arcady, is perfect for the Adirondack chairs on the side of the property. Blending Twelve 33 Restitution Rye, piloncillo sugar, house bitters and candied bacon, it doesn’t even matter that we can’t tell you what some of those ingredients are.

Ready to get your champagne on? You’re going to start with Famous Toastery’s house champagne, now pick four of the five flavors – orange juice, cranberry, wild berry passionfruit, mango or peach – and sit back and enjoy the ride. Famous Toastery has become a post-round fave for locals playing any of the courses in the Carolina Forest zone just west of city limits. Now, more and more out-of-towners are starting to take advantage, too.

The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk is prone to give you all the feels. Add in Wahoo’s take on the Mai Tai, and you’re gonna max out on the memories of those views. That’s not just the two rums talking, either. Bacardi spiced rum, Bacardi coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine is presented in a smooth fashion – and then the drink goes down smooth, too. All while you’re looking at one of the best views around.

You don’t have to be a gin person to appreciate this take on the martini. Between the Hendrick’s gin, elderflower liquor, agave syrup, lemon juice and sweet and sour mix, this concoction won’t necessarily have you feeling like James Bond, and after one of these, you can step up your bravery and dip into one of Art’s liquid nitrogen drinks while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Sign No. 1 Rustic’s version of the Bloody Mary is good: It’s got its own billboard in Pawleys Island. Sign No. 2: It’s only available on the weekends. This bad boy starts with Tito’s vodka and the house made Bloody Mary mix. It’s then garnished with lemon, lime, blue cheese-stuffed olives, pickles, smoked sausage, shrimp, pickled okra, celery, and pickled green beans. Until you see it, you can’t possibly get the full impact. And until you try it, you can’t fathom how much your taste buds will roar.

We’re not just including this because you can snag one at the airport location before after or your flight. No, for our tequila cravings, the Uptown is a can’t miss. All of the Nacho Hippo locations start off the margarita with 1800 Silver, add in a standard mix and the customary salt-rimmed glass. What makes this pop, though, is the Grand Marnier floater. That touch of orange zest makes a really good margarita a damn fine one. Two of these, and your 20 handicap becomes a five.

(Top photo from Rustic Table, Pictured right: Famous Toastery Flight of the Mini Mosas,  Wahoo’s Fish House Inlet Mai Tai)