Should You Use a Live, Online Scoring App For Your Next Myrtle Beach Golf Trip?

The average American adult spends more than eight hours per day online, so for many golfers, time on the course is an opportunity to disconnect.

No emails, no tweets, no breaking news.

Just you, the golf course and some friends.

With all that being said, I almost shudder to ask this question but here goes: Is it time to introduce live scoring to your next Myrtle Beach golf trip?

For some, it’s a non-starter, but if you have a large group, I’m not gonna lie, it can absolutely add to the fun. If you are considering live scoring, here is what you can expect from three of the game’s most prominent apps.

3. USGA’s GHIN app is outstanding for handicap and stat tracking, in addition to providing golf course GPS functionality. The app also allows for scoring – gross and net – for either match or stroke play, but it can only be used for groups of four, meaning you can’t keep track of how your buddies two groups ahead of you are playing. Love this app but it’s not practical for use on your Myrtle Beach golf trip.

2. Golf Genius is the game’s preeminent trip planning and online scoring app. Genius allows you to create a custom website for your trip, helps optimize pairings (saving you the trouble of doing them manually), offers a full library of single day or trip-long tournaments, and of course it offers live mobile scoring. It’s great. So, why is it second on our list? The cost is $149 per trip. It’s not that much money, particularly if you have a large group, but it’s one more thing you have to chase people for and it’s for one-time use only.

1. At the top of our list is Golf Gamebook. While the service is free, to unlock all the features you will want to use on your trip one person will need to upgrade to the gold membership, which is $39.99 (it also lets you cut off ads!). Live scoring, a multitude of games to choose from, and an extremely easy to use app make Golf Gamebook our choice. Best of all, the gold membership is an annual one, meaning you can use it on other trips you take throughout the year or even with your regular group.(pictured right)

If you are amenable to using technology (and you only need one person in each foursome), live scoring will be a cool addition to your next Myrtle Beach golf trip.