River Club: One of Myrtle Beach Golf’s Hidden Gems

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by Golf Trips Staff

At River Club, I think what you’re going to be able to expect is always just have consistent, good conditions out here. I think we have some of the best greens in Myrtle Beach. True to true, like every year, they just roll good, they roll true, but I think most of all you’re just going to find one of the finest golf courses in Myrtle Beach.  Our signature hole is number 18, it’s par five. It’s got an area that creeps out of the water, where if you want to risk your drive going for that little neck of the area and you hit it, you have a very reasonable shot into the green. A lot of risk-reward holes. You hit a drive, I got 300 yard carry to the green, I’m not going to be making it. This one, you could have anywhere from 210 to 170 yards into a par five. Yes, there’s water. Yes, you can still find water at most of the holes. But I think truly that’s where the course is playable. It looks intimidating, but some of that water doesn’t come truly in play in every hole. Now, I think I found every water out there, but I think for most golfers, you’re going to find that the water comes into play on about four or five or six holes. You really have to manage the water. You just going to find that the greens are going to be rolling at premium speed out here. We like to keep it right around like a 10 or so. On the quicker days we get to 11.

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