Restaurant Review: Wahoo’s Fish House

I definitely thought about it.

Saw the seafood platter and all that came with it smack dab in the middle of the menu and wondered if I was ready to take it all in. Fried oysters, shrimp, flounder, deviled crab, cole slaw and mashed potatoes.

“I can do this, right?” I asked myself during my first official trip to Wahoo’s Fish House.

The big eater in me said yes. My heart said yes. My mind eventually decided it might not be the best idea. After all, I’d actually had a pretty big lunch.

This was the closest thing I had to second-guess myself about all night. Because the window seat overlooking the Murrells Inlet marsh walk, the excellent service or the perfectly prepared menu items I went with instead were all on point.

And considering that for all intents and purposes this was my first trip to Wahoo’s (I’d had it before in a take-out setting – styrofoam doesn’t do this stuff justice – this was exactly what I’d hoped for when we picked this place.

So, what did I go with instead of the platter?

I call it the Ian Guerin special.

Fried green tomatoes, seasoned, topped with maybe the best blackened shrimp I’ve ever had and a remoulade.

Inlet firecracker shrimp, coated in a Thai sriracha sauce – Wahoo’s version of the Bang Bang shrimp.

A single crab cake, drizzled with the same remoulade that made the fried green tomatoes pop.

And because I could, a side of fries. Daring, huh?

Our super friendly waitress had it all on our table inside of 15 minutes. The place wasn’t busy, not by any means, but still, wasn’t expecting that. I guess I should have.

After all, Wahoo’s has established itself as one of the anchors of the ultra-popular marsh walk and its bevy of dining options. On top of its super clean interior, two stories worth of waterfront dining and even the outdoor walk-up bar, it has clearly mastered prepping and designing delicious and visually appealing meals that turn first-timers like me into fans.

Wahoo’s one-page food menu (the back is a wine list) also includes several chef specialties. The ones that jumped off the bottom half of the menu were the Bourbon BBQ Mahi (served over red-skinned potatoes and veggies), the Jumbo Shrimp & Pasta and the pan-seared salmon, complete only with a cheddar grits and bacon-braised summer greens.

Those had to wait, though, so I could dive into multiple options all at once. I’ll hit those up another time.

Not on the next visit, though. I’m planning ahead so I can tackle the platter.

(All photos for this piece from Wahoos Fish House’s Facebook page. Top photo Grilled Swordfish over Scallop Pasta Primavera, finished with a Garlic and Herb Infused Butter)