Professional Golfer Paige Spiranac Using Social Media Platform For A Good Cause

Meredith speaks with Professional Golfer Paige Spiranac who is using her social media platform to speak out on cyber bullying. Paige was playing at the 2017 Monday after the Masters in Myrtle Beach

Meredith:                           Everyone, I am with Paige Spiranac. Look at her, absolutely gorgeous. She’s an amazing golfer, but what she has done is really amazing. She has taken her social media platform, and she’s using it for good. Paige, I want to ask you a little bit. We talked a little bit earlier about your platform. I am so excited that you’re doing this, cause what an example that you are setting for women, and girls, and also just bringing attention to bullying. Tell me a little bit about your platform.

Paige Spiranac:                  Yeah, so I have struggled with bullying ever since I was very little, and I noticed that recently I’ve been getting a lot of cyber bullying. It got to the point where it was so bad, where it was harassing, and threatening me. Even though we went to authorities, they didn’t do anything about it, they couldn’t do anything about it because there’s no laws in place.

Meredith:                           Wow.

Paige Spiranac:                  I’ve teamed up with Cyber Smile, which is an anti bullying organization based in London. Which is really interesting about their story, is that the guy who started it, his daughter was getting cyber bullied so bad to the point where she almost took her own life.

Meredith:                           Oh my goodness.

Paige Spiranac:                  It’s great to work with someone who has been through it on such a serious level, because they get it.

Meredith:                           Exactly.

Paige Spiranac:                  Sometimes you talk to people and they just don’t understand the severity of cyber bullying. I always get, “Just turn it off.” I’m like, “I can’t just turn it off, I have to do more with it.”

Meredith:                           Exactly.

Paige Spiranac:                  We’ve teamed up, and we have a lot of really cool things. It’s just, we wanted a place where people had a community. Where they can come, they can talk about their problems, talk about their issues with other people who are dealing with it. I’ve kind of figured out a way that I can handle it best. It’s really just dealing with the problem head on, and treating it as a serious issue that ti is.

Meredith:                           Right.

Paige Spiranac:                  Then working together to get laws, there are laws in place, and working with authorities, and just create a community that’s safe because social media’s so amazing.

Meredith:                           It can be brutal, yeah.

Paige Spiranac:                  It’s so powerful, because you connect with so many different people around the world. At the same time, so many different people from around the world can attack you that you don’t even know.

Meredith:                           Right.

Paige Spiranac:                  We want to make it so it’s something that kids can use for fun, and companies can use, and it’s just a great place where no one feels unsafe.

Meredith:                           Exactly. I know that you got a little bit, some of those trolls on there will get you. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out.

Paige Spiranac:                  Oh, thank you.

Meredith:                           You’re a phenomenal golfer, and you’re really just the whole package. You’re going to get more of that, and it’s unfortunate that people like you are out there, then they get attacked like that.

Paige Spiranac:                  Yeah.

Meredith:                           Now you’re stepping up, and there’s power in that. It’s awesome that you’re doing that because you’re setting an example, and more people need to follow that example.

Paige Spiranac:                  Yeah.

Meredith:                           It’s awesome that you’re doing that. It’s Cyber Smile?

Paige Spiranac:                  Cyber Smile, yes.

Meredith:                           Okay, very cool. Is it

Paige Spiranac:                  Yes.

Meredith:                           Okay, all right.

Paige Spiranac:                  You can check all of their platforms on Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram too. Their websites awesome, they have a lot of videos that help. I just try to be very open an honest about things that I’ve been through, and very vulnerable. I think that’s being, that’s powerful too.

Meredith:                           Absolutely.

Paige Spiranac:                  Kind of share your story, cause I feel like a lot of people who have a large platform, they’re scared to kind of be vulnerable …

Meredith:                           Exactly.

Paige Spiranac:                  Or to talk about things that they’re dealing with. I think it’s good to kind of open up about cyber bullying, and mental health issues, and be okay to talk about it.

Meredith:                           Exactly.

Paige Spiranac:                  So that kids, I think sometimes are even scared to go to their parents about it. They can go to a community that’s safe. I think it’ll really help them.

Meredith:                           That is so cool. All right, Paige is awesome. Everyone, you gotta go follow Paige. Check out what she’s doing, not just with Cyber Smile, but out on the golf course. We are out here at MAM right now, and it’s a great tournament, and she’s out here supporting this charity. Paige, thank you so much for your time.

Paige Spiranac:                  Thank you.

Meredith:                           I hope you have fun out there today.

Paige Spiranac:                  Oh, I am.

Meredith:                           Thank you so much.