No Excuses: 5 Training Aids That Will Improve Your Game At Home

The story is a familiar one: you want to play well on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip but you haven’t been practicing and there appears to be little time to go to the range in the near future.

Don’t despair, all isn’t lost.

There have been many outstanding training aids introduced to the market in recent years, allowing you to stay sharp from the confines of your house, if other options don’t exist.

As we head into those dreaded winter months, when our friends in the Northeast and Midwest are unable to play due to inclement weather, here are five training aids that will help keep your game sharp.

The Perfect Practice Putting mat isn’t new but if you want to work on your putting stroke, this is the aid for you. The nine-foot mat allows players to putt to a regulation size hole and then a smaller offering. The last foot of every putt is uphill, forcing you to make an aggressive stroke. At $175, it’s not cheap, but the Perfect Practice Putting Mat will improve your game.

– The best way to pick up distance is with higher swing speed, so let us recommend the Superspeed Golf Training System. It’s $229 for the three-club set that claimsSuper Speed Golf Training Aid it will increase your swing speed by 5 percent in just six weeks, provided you use the clubs for at least 10 minutes per night. Superspeed says more than 700 pros use these magic wands. Given that players spend $500 on a driver, paying an additional $229 to maximize the technology seems like a good idea. (Pictured Right)

– If you are in search of better tempo and by extension consistency, the Orange Whip training aid (top photo) continues to be a winner. The Orange Whip provides immediate feedback. Swing it well and the shaft will remain straight, indicating a swing that would’ve put a ball in the middle of the fairway; any wobble in the shaft means you need work on balance and/or tempo. The Orange Whip is $109 but the 300+ pros that use it will tell you it pays for itself. (This training aid is endorsed by LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk, enter promo code “Meredith” at  checkout to receive a discount)

TrueTurnPro will improve your swing mechanics while helping prevent and rehabilitate back injuries. The world’s first thoracic spine isolation and rotation device increases rotational strength in your back. The easy to store and transport device boosts muscle memory, which supports golf swing mechanics. The TrueTurnPro ($269) is both an instructional and health aid that will make life better on and off the course.

– Last but certainly not least is an old favorite – the chipping net – because the one thing everyone struggles with after a long break is touch around the greens. offers an assortment of choices, but here is a vote for the Rukket Pop Up Chipping Net ($49.99) that can be used outdoors or indoors. The net, which has multiple pockets, comes with a turf hitting mat and 12 foam practice balls. It’s easy to put up and take down, leaving few excuses not to work on your short game.

If you want to stay sharp when you can’t get to the course, these five training aids will give you the chance to do so from the confines of home.