Nicklaus’ Long Bay Club Offers Precise Balance of Challenge And Fun

Meredith:           We are at the Long Bay Club located on the northern end of the Grand Strand. The Long Bay Club is one of two Jack Nicklaus designs, and joining me is head golf professional, Joe Dipre. Joe, tell us a little bit about this Nicklaus design in your upcoming 30th anniversary.

Joe:                        Yeah. We’re very excited to be able to celebrate 30 years next year. This golf course was originally designed for a private membership in 1988. That did not work out, didn’t pan out. It is a semi-private golf course, but you still get that private country club feel to it.

We’re very proud of the design that Nicklaus has done here. We have maintained it throughout the years, made some slight improvements, I believe. The greens were redone. We have Champion Bermuda greens. The staff here is very welcoming. The superintendent and his staff do a very good job maintaining the golf course, and we’re just very proud to say that we work at a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.

Meredith:           Right, and there is a difference between a Nicklaus design and then a Nicklaus signature. I mean, this is definitely more exclusive.

Joe:                        That’s right. Basically, the difference is that Jack Nicklaus himself came to property, worked on the plans himself versus a design, which is his design company does the work. Both Pawleys Plantation and here are both celebrating 30 years next year, which is cool.Long Bay hole number 9

Meredith:           So exciting. Yeah.

Joe:                        And both of them are signature golf courses, so we’re very excited about that and look forward to 2018.

Meredith:           Yeah. That’s so exciting. If you’re looking to play, a great Jack Nicklaus design here in Myrtle Beach, you can check out Long Bay Club. Go to and you can book your next golf vacation. Also, if you like to get on the southern end and play Pawleys Plantation Gold & Country Club, that’s the other Jack Nicklaus design. Both getting ready to celebrate 30 years. One of many reasons to come out here and play these courses. Also, you have a little bit of a different feel here on the northern end. I mean-

Joe:                        Absolutely.

Meredith:           I’m looking at this magnolia tree, a lot of pine trees. It’s very different from the southern end but just as good, just as many great variables out here.

Joe:                        Yeah. I believe this gives the more traditional feel versus at Pawleys or the southern-end golf course. Our design lets you miss the ball a little bit more, [inaudible 00:02:40] off the tee box, but it challenges you with your pro shots. The undulating greens, the bunker formations around the greens, very … It gives you a mix of everything that you want at a golf course. Some elevation change, which is very, obviously very difficult to do on the southern end considering where you are compared to the ocean, so that, that’s some slight differences between the two, but obviously the feel of the golf course. Once you step onto the golf course you know it’s a Nicklaus design, both golf courses.

Meredith:           Right. Well, Nicklaus designs, I mean, I am bias. They are some of my favorite designs.

Joe:                        Yep.

Meredith:           So, come on out and join us here at the Long Bay Club. We would love to see you out here. Again, you can go to and you can book your next golf vacation. You’ll find Long Bay as well as Pawleys Plantation Gold & Country Club, and a few other great courses here on the northern end. Also, you can contact head golf professional here at Long Bay, Joe Dipre, and they can book here with you as well, right?

Joe:                        Absolutely. Either way is good. Love to have you guys or whoever out here and play and enjoy the round of golf here.Long Bay hole number 10

Meredith:           Absolutely.

Joe:                        It’s definitely a challenging golf course, but it’s a fair one, and we’re very proud of what we have here.

Meredith:           Great. Well, thanks for having us out, and folks, we would love to see you up here at the Long Bay Club.

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