Myrtle Beach’s Four Best Night Spots

As tiring as the morning and afternoons might be, stretching your legs post-sundown is a must during your golf trip to South Carolina’s Grand Strand.

And whether you’re staying in the heart of it all or on the south or west ends, we’ve got some fantastic options for the evening drink and entertainment. Often, we’ve found that visitors overthink the process.

This is where we come in.

No matter what time of environment you’re looking for, we can steer you in the right direction.

We know that not every golf trek includes the whole crew coming along for the rid. But if the fam is joining – and, heck, even if it doesn’t – we are going to throw you a serious bone by just steering you to Dave & Buster’s at Broadway at the Beach.

Laugh all you want.

When you’re talking TVs galore, pool tables, the huge arcade, a full bar where you can get any drink you’ve ever dreamed up and a menu that checks the boxes better than more bars, D&B (pictured right) isn’t just for the kids.

If that isn’t whetting the appetite for the adult time, you’re mere steps from The Avenue and its more bar-centric scene.

Somewhat out of the way but well worth the trip (especially for the fans or great beer choice), Crafty Rooster has been keeping a normally quiet downtown Conway going well after dark for some time.

With more golfers electing to stay closer to the county seat than the beach, Crafty is a quick scoot over from the lodging up and down U.S. 501. What those who visit find is a quaint locale with beer specials and a massive cooler that banks the back end of a wrap-around bar.

Food specials – time this out for burger day, if at all possible – are a huge draw for the afternoon crowd, but they often stretch throughout the day and into the evening. Plopping down at that bar or one of the high tops on the outskirts will give you clear shot of a number of TVs showing plenty of football in the fall, hoops in the winter and spring and baseball all summer long.

When it comes to the perfection combination of variety and views, the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk (pictured right) is damn near unbeatable.

In a stretch of a half mile boardwalk the runs up the back of more than 10 establishments, the drinkers among us can go from the pier that stretches well out into the Inlet, past a party spot off the side of Wicked Tuna, skirt by beer garden next to Claw House, the back bar off Dead Dog, the outdoor patio of Creek Ratz, the acoustic jams at Bubba’s Love Shak or the full band lighting up most nights at Drunken Jack’s.

All of it comes as you walk slightly above the fishing boats bringing in those catches of the day and a clear wide shot of the marsh.

Year after year, some random online poll hands Pine Lakes Tavern (top photo) another fan-favorite award for best night spot in Myrtle Beach.

We’d get the skepticism if we didn’t end up there on more than a few occasions and saw it for ourselves. The Tavern is so good that the attempts at replicating it are non-stop (both in name and likeness). But what the others fail to achieve are the heart that has been pumping the vibes into this place for as long as we can remember.

Regular non-overbearing music acts, a forgiving layout that allows for a few different “scenes” and a fantastic staff make this a true original.