Myrtle Beach’s Best BBQ Joints Mix Varied Styles, Tastes

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. | There really is nothing like the meat sweats after hitting up a great BBQ place.

And no two joints get you there the same way.

From beef to pork, sides to fixins, the ability for all of us to come together with a fantastic rendition of pig in the ground or grilling up the cow make us appreciate the calories we burned earlier in the day.

No matter your preference, BBQ in and around Myrtle Beach gives the choosiest golfers-turned-meat-eaters options galore.

After a round at nearby Wild Wing Golf Plantation or the General James Hackler Golf Club at CCU, the warning on the menus at Big D’s should tell you all you need to know about this buffet-led business. It’s available until it isn’t. Take advantage of the pork while you can. For big parties, do yourself a favor and order by the pound.
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Brisket hasn’t been open all that long, but it has already established itself as one of the truest senses of Texas-style Q along the Grand Strand. The Frito Pie and fried green tomatoes are a nice touch. Then, take advantage of the sliced or chopped brisket. If you’re playing at Beachwood Golf Club, head straight across U.S. 17 after your round and load up on grub. (food photo above from Brisket)
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Amid the seafood-heavy Murrells Inlet Marshwalk region and the likes of those who swear by TPC of Myrtle Beach, Prossers wouldn’t have had much hope if it couldn’t perform. But it did. Folks around these parts boast about the pork BBQ for a reason. It’s so good that brides and grooms have been happily serving their wedding guests “buffet” food for quite some time.
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The southern tip of Pawleys is dotted by one of the finest courses the Grand Strand has to offer in Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club. It’s also got Hog Heaven. This place does chicken right, too, but it’s really about the pig. Give the St. Louis-style ribs a try get rewarded for a heavily underserved faction in the local BBQ market.

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