Meredith on the Loose with Oceanfront Helicopters in Myrtle Beach

Meredith’s at it again! This time, 2014 Mrs. South Carolina America and LPGA Instructor Meredith Kirk is looking for more off-course adventures for you to consider as part of your next Myrtle Beach golf getaway. Today she’s setting out on an aerial tour of the Grand Strand with Oceanfront Helicopters in Myrtle Beach.

Meredith: Hey, everyone! Today I’m at Oceanfront Helicopters in Myrtle Beach, and I’m going for a helicopter ride!

Today I got the Garden City Tour. I’ll be up in the air for about 12-13 miles all around the beach today, and I’m so excited – I’ve never done this before!  So come join me, and we’ll take a look at Myrtle Beach from above!

Bob: Welcome to Oceanfront Helicopters! This place has been here for more than 20 years. In over 20 years, we’re the only (helicopter tour) company to have a 100 percent safety rating – this means that when you guys leave on our helicopter, you’re coming back!

We have nine rides you can take. Everything at the bottom of our pricing chart is color coordinated with a flight path on the top, and everything you see is priced per-person.

The first one you see is the intro flight. This is the one you see everywhere you go (around Myrtle Beach). The $20 flight picks you up, takes you one mile out, circles back one mile, puts you down. You don’t see a whole lot, but you do get to see the ocean from a helicopter, which is amazing!

The next of our flights take you down the coast, depending on which direction you want to go, north or south. The farthest one we have is the grand tour, which takes you from here (3000 S. Kings Hwy. in Myrtle Beach) all the way up to North Carolina!

For more information on Oceanfront Helicopters, and to take a flight around Myrtle Beach, SC visit their Web site at