Local Knowledge: 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Courses You Can Always Count On

They aren’t “Top 100” layouts. They aren’t likely to be the centerpiece of your next Myrtle Beach golf vacation. But they do make up the guts of most golf trips.

I’m talking about Myrtle Beach’s middle class.

Quality depth has long distinguished Myrtle Beach as a destination, and as you (hopefully!) look forward to your next Myrtle Beach golf trip, here are five “middle class” courses you can always count on to deliver an outstanding round of golf.

— When you take a beach golf vacation, enjoying coastal scenery is part of the experience, and that’s where Willbrook comes in. Surrounded by the likes of Caledonia, Pawleys Plantation and Heritage, the Dan Maples design sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, but this is a layout you want to play. Willbrook (top photo) winds through a stunning piece of lowcountry property, allowing golfers to experience the beauty of the area’s natural environment and an enjoyable design. Love Willbrook.

Shaftesbury Glen resides west of the beach, but the experience makes it worth the time to find the course. A two-part renovation project led to the installation of more than 500,000 square feet of waste bunkers, a change that brought needed visual contrast to the layout without substantially increasing its difficulty. I’m always happy to tee it up here.

Wild Wing was once a prominent 72-hole facility. Now it’s only 18-hole layout is the Avocet Course, a Jeff Brauer-Larry Nelson design that always provides a good time. Avocet features wide fairways and design features – such as an honest to goodness drivable par 4 – that help make this a middle class course everyone enjoys playing.

Blackmoor Golf Club is the northern and western most course along the South Strand so you have to seek out the Gary Player design. You won’t be disappointed by what you find. Good conditions, a layout that gives players a chance to score, and quality customer service have long made Blackmoor a favorite of savvy group leaders.Myrtlewood Palmetto 18th Green

— Our list is populated with courses that are a little out of the way, but we are going to conclude with a facility that enjoys a primo location. Myrtlewood Golf Club – home of the PineHills and Palmetto courses – resides in the heart of town and it continues to help lead Myrtle Beach’s middle class. Both layouts recently installed new greens – PineHills in 2018 and Palmetto (pictured right) in 2019 as part of a larger renovation – reflecting the facility’s commitment to providing an outstanding experience at a price that works for everyone.

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