King’s Korner: Advice to Maximize the Fun of a Myrtle Beach Fall Golf Trip

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by Chris King

Advice to Maximize the fun of a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

Story by Chris King

Myrtle Beach isn’t a big city, but the golf community spans a 60-mile stretch of Carolinas coastline and includes nearly 90 courses. With that many variables, good group leaders are always in search of advice that will make their next trip a little better. With that in mind, here are a few tips I pass along to everyone planning a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

— Long-time group leaders have a tendency to think they “know” the area, and, generally speaking, they are probably correct, but Myrtle Beach is one of the fastest growing DMAs in the nation (golfers, like you, are moving here!). That growth brings change and you will want to stay apprised of new developments. Whether it’s the opening of TopGolf, an expansion of Highway 31, or golf courses installing new greens, there might be a new addition that can improve your next trip. Make sure you ask your golf packager about what’s new or better yet, make it a point to read the news feed here at

— Among the many perks of coming to a destination with 90 golf courses is the fact you are never far from golf, so unless you enjoy driving, stay in close proximity to where you are going to play. Trust me, you will appreciate the extra 20 minutes of sleep. Whether you are staying in the North, South or Central strands, there are an abundance of memorable courses and accommodations offerings nearby.

— South Carolina is one of the nation’s most golf-rich states, and many of the Palmetto State’s best are clustered here in Myrtle Beach. Whether it’s Grande Dunes Resort Club, TPC Myrtle Beach, Caledonia or another of Myrtle Beach’s best courses, use the area’s legendary value as an opportunity to play a bucket-list layout.

— Don’t wait to book your trip, especially if you have a larger group. Golfers get the best rates in advance and, just as importantly, get the tee times they want. This sounds simple, but you’d be shocked at how many eight-person (or more) groups call on October 1 and are stunned to find they can’t get consecutive tee times on their favorite course two weeks later. Everything is easier if you book early.

— There is as much to do off the course as there is on it in Myrtle Beach, which is part of the allure, so it helps to have a working outline for after the final putt drops. Good group leaders don’t rule with an iron fist but a trip can’t be entirely democratic. Avoid micromanaging but have a few things you know you want to do after golf and build off that.

Let us know the most valuable golf trip planning advice you have ever received.Buddy Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

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