Insider’s Guide to Myrtle Beach’s Top 5 Locals’ Bars

Part of the fun on a Myrtle Beach trip is stumbling across a favorite local’s hangout to enjoy a couple cold pops, maybe a few wings, and a good game.

In a destination that is home to more than 2,000 restaurants, there are more than a few establishments that qualify as “local’s favorites,” but we are here to help narrow the list for you. After consulting with a panel of Myrtle Beach experts (i.e. guys and gals who enjoy a cold beverage after their round), we’ve come up with a list of the five best bars locals like to frequent.

These are places that serve an ample dose of local flavor along with your drink of choice.

At the top of our list and in the heart of Myrtle Beach, check out Pine Lakes Tavern, which features an elevated bar that might be the area’s longest. PLT hasPine Lakes Tavern indoor/outdoor seating, live music on weekends and very good food. This is the go-to bar for many locals on a night out. (pictured right)

If you are in downtown Myrtle and looking for something a little grittier and more intimate, check out Bumstead’s, which shares a location with Dagwood’s Deli. The bar is dark, relatively small, and full of TVs. You can order a sandwich from the Dagwood’s menu (a win for everyone!) and the craft beer selection is lengthy. Great spot. (top photo)

After a round at Myrtle Beach National, Wild Wing Avocet, Burning Ridge or anywhere along the 501 corridor, check out Murphy’s Law in Carolina Forest. You will need to enter the address in the GPS to find The Murph, but the hot wings will make the effort worthwhile. This place is hidden but easy to access, so check it out.

Maybe the “localest” bar on this list is O’Keefe’s Irish Pub (pictured right) in Murrells Inlet. Live entertainment, pool tables, Golden Tee, and darts are just the beginning of the fun at this establishment located just minutes from the Marshwalk. Looking for a recommendation? Try the artery-clogging mac n’ cheeseburger. Your doctor might advise against it, but your taste buds won’t. 

Oscar’s is a North Myrtle Beach institution that always delivers great food and service. The wings are awesome, and the Carla’s Colossal Club – four pieces of Italian bread stuffed with ham, turkey, roast beef, capicola, corned beef, pastrami, bacon, mayo, Swiss, American, provolone, and pepper jack cheeses – is a sight to behold, but don’t even think about ordering it just for yourself.

If you want a little local flavor on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip, any of these five bars will do the trick.