Hold’em or Fold’em? How to Play "The Gambler" at King’s North

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by Golf Trips Staff

The Gambler is definitely a unique hole. It’s a fun golf hole that lot of people come back, and they want to best their next score on The Gambler. It’s one of those things like, “Oh, it got me last time. I’m going to get it this time.”  You can go two routes. I’m going to suggest, obviously if you’re down here visiting for the first time you have to go down to the island, you have to play The Gambler like Kenny Rogers. There are two touch shots. If you hit your drive 240, you’re still going to have anywhere between 175 to 180 shot over water, an elevated green, you’ve got bunkers out there. So they’re two tough shots and don’t think you can play the right side without a little bit of a test. Yeah, it’s an easy tee shot to the right but that second shot you’ve got to thread the needle. The fairway’s sloped to the left to the water so you’ve got to keep right but then your third shot’s over water so it’s unique. You could chicken out and go up the right or be like Arnie and go down the island which lots of us do here to get that guaranteed birdie or that famed eagle on The Gambler.

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