After the Storm: Myrtle Beach Golf Courses Back in Full Swing

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by Golf Trips Staff

Photos and Video by Gordon McCawley for Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

A quick stroll around the practice areas of Grande Dunes Resort Club Wednesday revealed a golf course teeming with shorts-clad golfers warming up for their round under bright blue skies, a soft breeze and idyllic temperatures in the low 70s.

In other words, it was a postcard-perfect moment that Myrtle Beach’s visiting golfers dream of when they plan their seasonal golf getaway to “The Golf Capital of the World.”

What wasn’t immediately visible was any standing water, or any overt sign that a historic rain event had just moved out of the area less than 24 hours earlier.

Yet there it was – one of dozens of Grand Strand golf courses that, despite the pictures and drone video of widespread flooding that had dominated the national news landscape since the previous weekend, was open for business once again.

Despite record rainfall to the Southeast that brought more than 20 inches of rain to some spots, the vast majority of Myrtle Beach area golf courses are already back in full swing and ready to welcome you for your fall golf getaway.

If you need any further reassurance, take it from the golfers shown in the pictures and video you see below, which were all taken on Wednesday, October 7 – just one day removed from the end of the storm.

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