Golf Channel Speaks with Paige Cribb First Female President of Carolinas PGA Section

Charlie:                Yes, Gary, I’m with my good buddy Paige Cribb, and Paige teaches in the professional golf management program here at Coastal Carolina, and Paige is also the President of the Carolina section in the PGA of America, which is the largest section of the PGA and also the second best section-

Paige:                   To North Florida, I guess that’s a North Florida shout out. Thanks, Charlie.

Charlie:                I’m the Vice President of the North Florida section. We might be a little bit competitive on a few things.

Paige:                   Maybe a little, maybe a little.

Charlie:                But that’s all good. Paige, let’s talk a little bit about this junior golf tournament.

Paige:                   Awesome.

Charlie:                You were a junior golfer, you love junior golf, you’ve done a lot of player development things. To have the world number one, come back to where he grew up, went to college, and host a junior tournament here at TPC Myrtle Beach, that’s gotta be pretty cool.

Paige:                   Well, it’s fantastic. You know, growing up here it seems like a long time ago, but this is kind of the roots of where I played junior golf, and a lot of friends of mine that are in the business here and elsewhere that played. So, to have, it’s, I think to some people it’s kind of surreal that the number one player in the world is here. Went to Coastal Carolina University and these players, I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this. So, we’re very fortunate to be in the Myrtle Beach area and be at TPC. So it is fantastic.

Charlie:                As I just mentioned, she’s the President of the Carolina section, you were just recently elected President.

Paige:                   Yes, yes, yes.

Charlie:                I know you. I know you thought about it a while, being President. I know you gotta have some goals.

Paige:                   Sure.

Charlie:                What are those goals?

Paige:                   Professionally, goals?

Charlie:                Whichever way you wanna go.

Paige:                   Well you know, first off, as to be a part of the leadership, to me, the Carolina section, is amazing. We have over 2000 professionals in our section. So, you know, the number one thing, to serve the members, what’s best for our members. And you know, to grow the game of golf. So, to provide the resources to that, and I think we have some goals to be able to … as within the areas, to provide some additional resources to promote that on the grassroots level.

Paige:                   And right now, the next two years, as far as service as President of the Carolinas’ PGA.

Charlie:                Yeah, I know you guys have a wonderful section, a lot of resources up here.

Paige:                   We do, we do.

Charlie:                Yeah, and a big heart for growing the game.

Paige:                   Oh, yeah, and we’re in the Carolinas. So we’ve got our board, it’s just a dynamic group of board members and professionals, so we are, we’re in a good spot. Golf is in a good spot.

Charlie:                You’re the first female that has been elected as President of the Carolinas section. What does that mean to you?

Paige:                   You know, I’m gonna go back to what I said earlier. You know, being I’m fortunate to be a part of the leadership. I’m honored. And I’m very grateful that, back in 2014, that I was elected Secretary. So, I’m honored, it’s just what I love to do. I just, happiness is the game of golf, and the business of golf and so, it is a great honor, for sure.

Charlie:                I know you spend a lot of time mentoring the folks coming behind you, I know that’s something that’s a lot of fun for you, as well.

Paige:                   Well, I tell you what, I’ve got such a great, you know, job at Coastal Carolina University, and our PGA golf management program, and you’re with college students for four and a half years, and helping them with academics, ’cause they major at, they’re in the Wall College of Business, so that’s challenging enough. And then to go through the educational requirements of the PGA.

Paige:                   So, mentoring is huge. So, I’m very fortunate.

Charlie:                I know there’s some folks out there, might be watching this right now, that are interested in maybe, getting into the golf industry, the golf business. Being a teacher, obviously in the PGM program, why … And they’ve got a lot of options, but why is entering a PGM program such a good option?

Paige:                   You know, it’s a fabulous option for that junior that is looking to go, you know, typically from high school and they want that four year education. To have that base, and to obtain that knowledge base, and then at the same time, they’re almost, it’s dual track. Then they’re going through the educational requirements of the PGA of America. So, in four and a half years, when they get hired, and most of the time, with the internships, they have a job, right after school, they’re elected to membership.

Paige:                   So, they’re coming out at 23, 24, members of the PGA of America, with those resources and hit the ground running. So, it is, it’s definitely for that female, male, that are looking to want that education.

Charlie:                Well, Paige, thanks for your time today. I know, as I’m looking down this driving range right here, we got a lot of great players in there. The fact of the matter is, not many of those players are gonna make it to the PGA tour, or the LPGA.

Paige:                   Sure, sure.

Charlie:                But, they’ll wanna stay in our business.

Paige:                   Absolutely.

Charlie:                And I certainly hope they look at getting in a PGM program. And, if they’re lucky, they might get Paige Cribb as an instructor.

Paige:                   Awesome.

Charlie:                Great stuff.

Paige:                   Thank you.

Charlie:                All right, back to Orlando.

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